Area-----------1st day shares-------2nd day shares---total 2 days shares

Nizam--------------1.96 crores----------92 lakhs-------------2.88 crores

Ceded---------------1.15 crores----------58 lakhs------------1.73crores

Vizag------------------48 lakhs-------------32 lakhs------------0.80crores

Guntur----------------56 lakhs--------------34 lakhs-----------0.90crores

Krishna ---------------37 lahs----------------15 lakhs----------0.52crores

East G-----------------35 lakhs--------------???????------------???????

West G-----------------39 lakhs---------------?????-------------???????


overallga--2 days shares--in AP---7.82 crores w/o(2nd day east,west and nellore figures)

Maybe overall 2nd dayki AP 8.25crores vuntundi ani anchana...

1st day 5.5 crores and 2nd day 2.75 crores

A centreslo baane pothundi..., B centreslo parvanayi...baane vundi....C centreslo maathram konchem dullga vunnayi

As per the latest reports

1st Day Collections: 9.4 Crores (world wide)

2nd Day Collections: 4.8 Crores (world wide)

3rd day Collections: 5.2 Crores (world wide)

4th day Colletions: 4.1 Crores (world wide)

Total 4 days Collections: 23.5 Crores (world wide)



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