Telugu movie industry. I understand it. It is not the best in the
world. Our actors are neither great at acting nor known for their
hard work. And we do not have outstanding technicians at our
disposal. yet, I still loved it and was proud of it. But, as a film
industry I expect it to think for it's own survival with some
common sense.
I understand that our heroes are inherently rich and aren't exactly
driven to do movies with passion. So, when someone like
Mahesh Babu does Khaleja after 2years. It doesn't pain me much. I
know what to expect from an actor as such. I try to enjoy his
movie when it arrives in theaters just like any other ordinary
moviegoer no matter how painful it feels to watch. But, When it
comes to Ram Charan whom I liked in chirutha, it is fine to wait
for many months for a film like Magadheera. In fact, if they are
ready to put efforts in order to make a quality movie I can wait
and forgive them no matter how it fares. (I deeply appreciate
Pournami even though it bombed at BO coz they TRIED to give us
something special).
Here, he went ahead and promised two movies every year then
onwards during it's audio function. I don't know much about the
logistics of making a film, but I know that when someone like
Ram Charan who came from a movie family promises two
movies every year, it is far from impossible. And then, he takes
time to make "orange". After Orange, he promises to make
movies frequently again. And now, I see no movie in near future
except some random news of signings and cancellations. This is
grossly irresponsible for someone who is son of Mega Star
Chiranjeevi. And Now, I no longer believe in Ram Charan.
It no longer saddens me to watch the news of English, Tamil &
Hindi movies crashing Tollywood parties at movie theaters. I am
tired. fed up with constantly having to wait for heroes to arrive.
Now, I understand that they no longer care for me. I will do the
same for them and pray that they will notice it.



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