Ever wondered why small films flop in spite of the fact that you loved them?

1. Lack of face value: Since the budget of most small films is small, they cannot afford to hire stars. As such, these films lack face value that can otherwise get the audiences to the theaters.

2. Look: Many small films end up looking like TV serials because of the average production values. And nobody wants to go to a theater to watch such films.

3. Poor promotion: Small films also suffer on account of their meager marketing spends and poor promotional strategies. In reality, small films ought to be be promoted more aggressively than the big budget films as small films lack the stars and the massive production value. Thus, apart from promotion, there is no other way that the potential audience can be made aware of such films.

4. Bad show timings: Will you get up to watch a film you haven’t heard of, at 9 O’clock on a Sunday morning? Film exhibitors (theatre owners) allot weak show timings to small films to make space for bigger films.

5. Content: In absence of star value or strong promotion, the only bargaining point that small films have is their content. However, most fail to offer engaging and entertaining content, in effect, sealing their fate at the box-office



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