I am here writing my first article on a Film Celebrity.So please dont mind saying my mistakes or tips to improve.This is like notice that comes at starting of movie saying all characters are fictitious.

Coming to matter May 23rd is Birthday and Marriage Anniversary of Anand Ranga Director of movie Oy.Sowyma wife of Anand ranga is a Radio jockey and a dubbing artist .I am not going much about the background of him as i have to read a big interview for it. He worked as Associate Director for few movies under Suresh Productions. Before that he is selected for Marudanayagam of Kamal Hassan movie while he is in his final year of his course Diploma in Film Technology specializing in Direction & Screenplay in Adyar Film Institute. Due to some unavoidable reasons that movie is halted.
Many may not know Associate Directors until they direct a movie, in the same way many don't know about Anand before Oy. Oy is  like Cyclone in Music which is still shaking many  ears. He got the best from Yuvan Shankar Raja and increased the ladies following for Siddharth. Music of Oy made many to look at the new director who was responsible for it. Myself listned to the Oy Oy song not less then 6times as some or the other in hostel plays it even  The publicity posters and title design have unique style.Anand got some new talent utilized at its best again in this case.Oy is the word used by many youth to call their special ones.

Director says that he took inspiration from Eric Segal's "Love Story" as a note . Now coming to the movie the movie starts with narration of his Celebrations of New year.Celebrations are the part of our life which heroine does not know much. The movie goes with a nice screenplay. I am not going to review movie so coming to the director Anand he showed the best from Siddharth, Every scene have a fresh look .  With his debut, his movie is compared with Geethanjali movie of Nagarjuna directed by Magnum Opus Mani ratnam. This shows his ability.

He is one of the few celebrities who replies to his followers in twitter. He says that he have no favourites in many things. If anyone asks "which is the movie you liked?" his reply is "many,ask a movie i will say whether i like it or not " He is the director who replies nicely. Had some funny conversations about his Tv, he asked me to be swamiji.  His future project is Soonyam. Its Pre-production work is going on.

I here by conclude this  article of me dedicated to Anand ranga and his wife Sowmyagaaru on their wedding anniversary. happy Birthday to Anand Ranga. dont forget to wish him at  twitter.com/anandranga .
Seheri Seheri. 

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Thanks Idlebrain for the Interview with him which helped me and wikipedia.



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