Before reading just forget ur favourite star/actor and the heirs you supported! Acting is a talent and can never be a heridatary but in our tollywood this heridatary is so pre dominant that it doesnt give scope to other actors who have lot of credibility in them!lets talk about each leagacy!
nandhmuri vamsam...
NBK[ parle serious ga thesina movies sarcastic ga end avuthai! Mind blowing in expressions! I term him as indian Jim Carrey]
JR NTR[ OK!good at dialouges but his acting skills depend on the directors! was a good dancer]
Kalyan ram is just ok and his acting is not that bad!he doesnt have a following unlike the above
Hari krishan,Tarak ratna are just heirs they shoul be omited in the list!

konidela vamsam:
CHIRU [good actor/dancer! analogy to NTR now he is history until his 150 th movie releases]
Pawan Kalyan [he can potray all generes has a immense following he is speech less has his own identity ]
Allu ramalingaya (the legend This comedian was also a homeopathic doctor and freedom fighter.) 
Allu arvind (mega prducer owns geetha arts the best production house in south)
bunny: has his unique identity in acting and is no 1 dancer of south india/india
intha varaku fine
Ram charan tej  [spendid energy! Tandri ki tagina tanayadu but he has to proove more]
varun tej anta[have to see]
dharam tej anta [have to see]

akkineni family:
NAG[galamorous .(fullstop)]
sumant[class hero!dull action]
sushanth[ a spot of the clan!doesnt deserve to be a part of the list]
chaithu [ok!should prove his versatality]

ghatamaneni vamsham:
KRishna a living legend
Mahesh unique,simple,cool and coming to acting hes a clay and can be moulded to anything the director/script wants
ramesh babu anta idu oka rendu movies tedadu avsarama idiki ani
buddhiga side ayyadu..
i heard some where that mahesh's cousin is cuming in movies?
krishanam raju vamsham:
krishnam raju[ a actor of then! Now a forgoten star]
prabhas[ decent,cool,bonds with every1! Bad at acting though his manerisms style slang and his voice modulation are imensely apreciated ]
ipudu adevado adi cousin anta

manchu family
Mohan babu the deciplined man (chadastam ani chepali) dialouge king but he is now a forgoten histry!
Manoj good actor,termendous energy,will be proving his versatality soon!
Vishnu(helps to make his father reduce the income tax bills by reducing his wealth,bad actor)
Laksmi manchu have you ever seen a anchor who talks more then the host in a talk show! Here is the vamp!
daggubati family:
Ramanaidu(movie mughal)
venkatesh(good actor can play all generes very well)
Rana (worst in the clan,worst acting,no expressions no emotions,should be a model and only a model)

Evv dynasty
evv is a noted director expert in all geners especially comedy and sentiment
Allari Naresh a actor who is born for spoofs! Fantablous enrgy!a producers hero!
Aryan rajesh bad actor!

inka konni rojulu pothe mana Telugu Film Industry antha vamsham vasham tho ne
ninduddhi emo..
avsarama ey vamsha paramparyam??
post ur opinions in each of the vamshams honestly and their
talent in TFI no abusing and mocking



  1. funny thing is..vamsam ani ye family vallu cheppukoru except Nandamuri family

    Pawan never said a word about Konidela vamsam

    Mahesh never claimed himself as a heir to krishna or his family

    Nag or NC never spoke a word of Akkineni family
    [to d best of my knowledge]


    Nanamurians matram eppudu chance dorukuthunda ani wait chesthuntaru...Vamsam gurinchi matladaneeki...even in movies too

  2. thu dinama jeevitham. families r not accpeted but actors r accepted encourage new talent tooooooo

  3. ni bonda ra satyajit ga....
    nandamuri vamsam alanti di mari...
    sr.NTR lanti goppa actor, human gurinchi andaru cheppalani eduru choostaru..
    and by the way, charan gadu chiru gurinchi cheppada?
    konchem telusukoni matladu ra /....

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. aryan rajesj is not much bad, he looks better than charan, ntr and chaitu, the only problem is stardom


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