Naga Babu's recovered from the ‘Orange' effect and is set to see his children take wings now
A recovery cannot be rushed, one needs time to recuperate from a financial loss but Naga Babu has come out fast mentally from the mess he created for himself after Orange. The last time one spoke to him, he was sweating profusely in his air-conditioned office room but now he looks fit, happy and even cracks self deprecatory jokes on his obese looks in Operation Duryodhana and his recent disaster as a producer of Orange. Sporting a college bag filled with books that he reads in between shots, he orders cappuccino at his favourite hangout Barista. In a soul-searching mood he says that he wants to live long and enjoy God's creation and savour every moment of life.
The Orange disaster was too much to handle but his brothers bailed him out and stood by him like a rock, informs Naga Babu dispelling rumours about the rift between brothers. “A difference of opinion is bound to take place in any family on certain issues. For me and Pavan Kalyan, Chiranjeevi is a father figure.”
His son Varun Tej has grown up to be a tall and handsome man and Naga Babu says he needs to fulfil the pre requisites of an actor, so that will take year's time. Ashwani Dutt will launch him and will be followed by Allu Aravind. “We can just provide him a platform but whether he will be successful or not is solely based on his talent and he needs to withstand the pressure as he hails from a family of actors. He adds, “if a newcomer makes a debut there's always a lot of encouragement whereas a star son will be put under microscope.”
Naga Babu has however pinned hopes on the apple of his eye — his daughter who is set to join Mass Communications. Once she passes out he wants her to become a producer and take over Anjana Productions banner. He feels women make good producers, managers and are thorough professionals while men are vulnerable. He wants to see his daughter as an independent and no-nonsense woman capable of handling her life and family.
He signs off with a dream in his eyes, “Just not her, every woman is capable of handling that extra responsibility which makes her special; what she needs is only a push and as a father I'm more excited to see her take wings.”
Source: The Hindu



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