Happy Birthday to Legendary Director

Here i am writing my 2nd artcile on a filmy personality about the Legendary Director.As my title says as book cant explain how can i? A smalll boy who just started crawling in writing articles could do? So dont expect much and dont forget to say the main points i missed in comments.
K.RAghavendra Rao a legendary director who made lot of contribution to telugu film industry in steps of his father KS Prakash Rao who directed even at the age of 80. His famous movie is PremNagar.Many of youngsters don't know his previous Blockbusters and Industry Hits. He is the director who made Mass Masala Entertainers with all famous heroes and he is the part of the successful graph of telugu movies in 1975 to till date. His movies are the most commercially successful.
  • Made 109 movies till date and a movie is in pre-production
  • Care of Adress for Success and Mass Masala Entertainers
  • If you ask about navel showing he simply says it helps to make out money which producers want.
  • It doesn't mean that he dont have moral values or social responsibility, he is the one who depicted the problems of people and solutions
  • He is the one who started Women-Oriented movies which are responsible for the career boost of heroines
  • He made movies with all top heroes and heroines
  • He received many awards still he deserves more awards
  • Vetagadu, Driver ramudu, Jagadeka Virudu Athilokasundari, Devatha, Annamaya are some of his long list of 109 movies
  • He will not shave after starting a movie. Have anyone seen him without beard?
Lots of matter to write about  him but lazy to search and write important points.So here by comcluding my article on Raghavendra Rao.His son K.Prakash done 180 movie which says that his son is going to be a good director as his father and grandfather. 
And my kind request someone show this to Raghavendra Rao gaaru.
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