Actress Shriya Saran clears the air about her alleged temper tantrums and unreasonable behaviour on the sets  of a movie.... Looks like Shriya Saran, who was once known as the biggest divas of South Indian cinema, is  in no mood to regain her numero uno status. Though she is relegated to stage shows, item numbers and roles with smaller actors now, she is burning more bridges with her starry tantrums, sources say. Her last Tollywood film was “Don Seenu,” the only Telugu film, after five years of doing bi-linguals. The lady is again creating a buzz for the wrong reasons. Shriya, who had bagged the lead role in a movie, produced by D S Rao and starring Manchu Manoj, allegedly walked out of the film citing“date and remuneration issues.” Kriti Karbandha of “Theen Maar” fame was roped in for her role. But now, word is out that Shriya was allegedly replaced because of her unreasonable attitude on the sets. Rumour has it that she refused to shoot for a scene  in the film where shehas to dress up like a  newly-wed— saree, vermilion, heavy jewellery et al. Shriya  reportedly refused to sport that look, claiming it made her look older than Manoj. Sources from the unit say that she went as far as asking the director to change the plot of the film to suit her demands. This irked the film makers, who then asked her to leave when she refused to see reason. When contacted, Shriya however, has a different story to tell. She insists that she walked out of the movie only because her dates clashed with Deepa Mehta’s film which is being shot in Srilanka now. “I was happy with the story and the director. My  mom also met him and the producer is a very humble man. I gave them my dates, but the schedule went haywire due to the Tollywood strike. They then extended the schedule and asked me to shoot. But I had given the same dates to Deepa Mehta’s film too. I found shuttling between Srilanka and Hyderabad everyday a tedious task. Since I play an intense role in Deepa’s film, she didn’t want me to travel too much. The Telugu movie producer didn’t want to wait and said he wants to release the movie soon. I had no option but to walk out. I wore a saree even four years ago in movies. Why will I have a problem doing the same now?” she says.
Tollywood sources however, confirm that many other producers too find it tough to work with Shriya because of her “highly volatile behaviour and mood swings.” Tales of her misbehaviour with co- stars,  directors and crew members constantly circulate between industry insiders. But for now, her loss is Kriti Karbandha’s gain



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