A diamond fallen from sky dont know who sent it but he is sent to show how gods look like. A legendary Actor who is prayed as god gave wonderful gifts not only in form of movies but also by entering into politics. He worked four shifts in a day. He is punctual and as cool as cucumber. He born on may 28,1923 in Nimmakuru. He acted in Mana desam first time before it he acted in may famous dramas along with Nageswara Rao.

He enters into the role as soon as he enters into shoot.He shooted for different genres of films on same day in different shifts. He is an encyclopedia of acting who did 302 movies and more then 350 roles due to double and triple action in same movie.He also directed 19 movies. His movie Major Chandrakanth shows him in different freedom fighters role. Anna is the word which is used to call him by telugu people with love and devotion on him. There will be more then 1000 articles on him and many more will come still they cant explain his greatness.His name will be written in golden letters still telugu people lives. Any role he acts will be like a tailor-suit for him.

Resources: Wikipedia and http://www.twitlonger.com/show/ao0s8i 



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