Tamannaah Bhatia has made a ‘100 %’
comeback in Tollywood .
She may have been missing from the
Telugu scene for a few years now, but it
didn’t take long for the pretty lass to woo all
her fans back with her latest hit. In the city, busy shooting for
another Telugu movie, the 21-year-old actress says she is here to
stay this time around.
“After “Happy Days,” I signed a two-film contract with Geeta Arts
according to which I would do two movies with their production
house in the future, depending on the availability of my dates.
Meanwhile, I got some good offers from the Tamil film industry
—with big heroes, established directors and prestigious
production houses — which I couldn’t ignore. After doing four
movies there back to back, I was supposed to do “Arya 2” with
Geeta Arts, but our dates didn’t work out. Now I took up “100%
Love” and “Badrinath.” It was never a conscious decision to stay
away from Telugu cinema.” she explains.
It is now reported that the actress has entered the A-league of
heroines in Kollywood who charge Rs 1 crore for every film.
Would she ever want to give that up for Tollywood?“I will work
in both the industries. I say yes to a film depending on who is
directing it. Despite a good subject if the director is not upto the
mark, the execution can go wrong. The combo of a great story
and good director works for me,” she says.
With her realistic performance in “100% Love,” the actress has
silenced critics, who called her a ‘mere glam doll.” Tamannaah,
admits that she has certainly evolved as an actress from her
“Happy Days” phase. “I was just 17 when I did “Happy Days.”
Now I am 21 and I have learnt a lot. Experience is the best teacher.
I understand the craft of cinema better than before. I was elated
when my“100 % Love” director Sukumar told me that I am like a
white canvas and I can emote any expression on my face.”
All this while keeping her glam quotient intact. Most reviewers
can’t stop raving about how she lights up the screen. “In one
scene of “Happy Days,” Kammula sir asked me walked down
from the bus in a langa oni. I did it without being conscious. The
feedback for that scene was amazing. Perhaps beauty lies in being
natural. Besides, if a person is good natured, those positive vibes
reflect as beauty. I also maintain a healthy diet full of veggies. But
yes, I love chicken too and my greed for chicken in“100 % Love”
is a genuine emotion,” she quips. By -Prashanth bhat TOI



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