Cast: Aadi, Sindhu Menon ,Saranya Mohan, Nanda, Srinath, Krishna
Story, Direction: Arivazhagan Venkatachalam
Editing : Kishore
Music: S Thaman
Producer: Shankar and Dil Raju
Theatre watched :Sarswathi picture palace(guntur) 28th may 6pm

Vaishali is a Tamil dubbed film Eeram . Vaishali is Shankar'sproduction venture in Tamil and Dil Raju has acquired the Telugu rights and releasing it on Sri Venkateswara Creations banner.A clever move to dub this film by dil raju.

The story ia a runway when you see water dripping from an innocuous flat, flowing over the corridors and alerting the watchman around 2.30 am.A body is discovered in the bathroom, submerged in the tub. Initially it was thought to be a suicide.But subsequent murders in the apartments deepen the mystery. The way the killings take place adds to the confusion and makes the narrative interesting. A determined Vasu goes hammer and tongs to trace the killer.And he is shocked to find out the reason behind her murder.

Sindhu Menon does very well as the girl torn in between forces beyond her control but it's the secondary characters who've excelled.She looks very old for the younger character in the flash back! Aadhi fits the role of a police officer well, physically. Nandha has done good job.Though there was only a little scope for action
Arivazhagan(director) has succeeded in sustaining the interest of the audience. The film is technically rich thanks to the cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa. The way things unfold in the first half is really good. Arivazhagan handles the mystery and investigation very well, while he incorporates the flashback scenes into the narrative as well. Manoj Paramahamsa's camerawork is refreshing: somber and serious, with rain always threatening in some form in the present; normal and sunny in the Trichy flashback sequences.Dialouges are well written and the dubbing is done well adding as a credit!the second half is very draging! As the murderer is know the grip of the audience watching the movie falls all time low! There are many scenes inspired from Final destination series and other hollywood flicks!the last line by the guilty in the movie is well written it quotes "manam mana nana ni nana ani mana ama meda una namakam tho pilustam adey namakam manam mana barya meda kuda chupinchali!
Verdict:the movie will be a one time watch but not a must watch!the movie incorporates how a husband and wife should treat there ex love story in the past positively!
Rating: 3/5



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