The sucessful AD film maker JAYENDRAN directed the flick 180 which casted Siddarth narayan,Priya anand  & Nityamenon as the lead pair. Jayendran directed this flick for the first time in his carrer after making several AD-films. he directed this film as in two languages simultaneously in Telugu&Tamil which was released today .
            This flick has started of with a weak talk in both the languages,Sources say that this movie cannot standby 180% at the box office,with this flick siddarth has completed his double hatrick flop's in telugu starting of with 'Oy' to 'Anagana oka dheerudu'
          In this film Siddarth narayan act's as a doctor in Sanfransisco were he fall's in love with Priya anand he is married to Priya anand when the life goes in a smooth way he comes to know that he is suffering from cancer who is going to die in a span of 180 day's.So he wanted to enjoy his life and land's in hyderabad to enjoy his life were he spend's his life with children and orphan's tere he meet's Nitya menon who is working as a journilist and she fall's in love with Siddarth.She express her love to him but siddarth doesn't respond to her which lead's Nitya to an accident where she break's her spinal cord where she has to undergo a surjery which is only possible in U.S.A only. So once again Siddarth comes back to Sanfransisco were the operation get's sucess for Nitya menon.Priya anand comes to know about the disease and she want's to spend the rest of life.But Siddarth leave's Priyaanand & Nitya menon and flies to BRASILIA (Brazil).But how far will Siddarth enjoy's his '180' day's of life is the Unfinished climax for the film.

Highlight's of the film -
  • Cinematography 
  • Good performace priyaanand ,nitya& siddarth
  • Background score 
Minus for the film -
  • Predictable story
  • Dragged second half
  • Screenplay
  • Silly comedy
  • Editing
  • Climax 

Last verdict of the Flim is - All guys & Doll's try to escape 180 in theater's and await for it to be on television!
My review -2/5
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