Akkineni Akhil’s scintillating batting for Nag Kings last year at the T20 Tollywood Trophy and visuals of an ecstatic Nagarjuna hugging his son, celebrating the team’s victory, is still fresh in people’s minds .It’s hardly a surprise that Akhil made it to the Tollywood Warriors team in the Celebrity Cricket League matches scheduled for next week in Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Vizag. Tollywood biggies, we are told, approached Nag and apparently he agreed to let his son play in the upcoming matches. When contacted, Tollywood CCL team owner Vishnu Manchu confirmed saying,“We are aware of Akhil’s training in cricket and we have seen him perform last year. He is sure to be an asset to our team.” The Tollywood team led by Venkatesh has Vishnu Manchu, Srikanth, Tarun, Nitin, Siddharth, Quayum, Bharath, Aadarsh, Balakrishna et al in the team, apart from Akhil. This team is rigorously practising for the matches at a resort every evening. Meanwhile, a few people raised objections to Akhil playing for the Tollywood team as he is not an actor. The CCL team rubbished them off saying Akhil acted as a child in“Sisindri”, the Telugu version of “Baby’s Day Out”. Sources say Akhil might enter films in a few years from now, but right now he plans to go abroad for his higher education.

By prashanth bhat courtesy TOI



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