Millions of eyebrows raised for a while when four top most UPA ministers literally bowed in front of Baba Ramdev. Barkhas, Sagarikas & Rajdeeps went mob frenzy on their respective channels and on Twitters over the issue. Every outraged Indian resident or Non-Resident, jumped up to support\dissect the motives of Ramdev Baba. Baba became a National Hero at once through all Positive and Negative publicity. Mission Accomplished!!

Now the real question is 'Whose Mission is Accomplished'? Baba Ramdev's ??
Nope ! Not Exactly !!

This is precisely an underlying mission of the 'CONgress - the cancer of the nation'!
What Mission?
To 'create' a lesser impact alternate Hindutva Hero!
To combat the anti-incumbency vote during 2014 Parliament elections.
Background: Already Baba Ramdev is eyeing the 2014 elections and declared his intentions to such effect. He further declared that he would not go with BJP and sought RSS support to that effect wanting to become a 'third force' of the nation. Ramdev does have a little decent following and good amount of unaccounted funds. What he lacks at the moment is a 'National Hero' image. Baba Ramdev clearly saw such an opportunity to become a Hero when Anna Hazare's fast became an instant hit with the public. He immediately jumped in to announce his fight, hijacking the lone 'non-hindutva' agenda item in the kitty of BJP i.e, the Black Money issue.

For CONgress, this has come out as a blessing in disguise in many ways.
1. It is already under huge pressure by the Supreme Court's spanking.

2. It has lost it's credibility because of Adarsh, CWG and 2G Scams and needed to come up with some Confidence Building Measures in the public about it's commitment with respect to the money laundered in all these scams.

3. BJP's 2009 elections agenda item 'Black Money' issue is being robbed by Baba Ramdev and so BJP has to search for some other issue for 2014 elections which would connect with the public (other than it's regular Hindutva & Ayodhya issues).
So what's the catch?
What BJP loses is what CONgress gains here. If it can make a Hero out of Ramdev Baba, who is likely to contest 2014 elections, he would split the Hidutva votes as well as the anti-incumbency votes.

That's it! Four top most UPA Cabinet Ministers lined up before Baba Ramdev to make him a National Hero. Rest I need not explain I guess :))

PS:- Just my own theory. Could be right, could be wrong! Feel free to comment.



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