Cast and Crew:
Directed by : V.V.Vinayak
Story by: Chinni Krishna
Music By: M.M.Keeravani
Cinematography: Ravi Varma
Budget: 41crores
Starring: Allu Arjun, Tamanna Bhatia, Prakash Raj, Ashwini kaleskar
Badrinath as the name indicates is all abt holy place Badrinath!Despite all hype the film falls all low! it has all good comercial values but lacks good direction and screenplay!Did writer chini krishna spent 7 years really on such a script is really eyebrows raising!And he is paid a bomb by Allu aravind even before he scripted Badrinath! wow thats what trust is! Yes Allu arvind trusted SS rajamouli and then came Magadhera the south indian magnificent piece of cinema! but  Allu arvind trusted V V vinayak and then came the doom! Badrinath has a good story,sets,cinemtography,awesome songs,good comedy,fights and action by the lead pairs is good!And the negatives are rest!
Story line- The story evolves from- to save Indian culture- one has to sane temple culture and each temple should have its own ruler to save the temples. Bheeshma Narayan ( Prakash Raj) trains young youth and handovers the temples to them. Each individual get one temple responsibility. Badrinath ( Bunny) gets the responsibility of Badrinath temple.One day-Alakananda ( Tamanna ) come to Badrinath temple. She doesn't believe in God.She has life threat his uncle and aunt!And the rest of the story goes how Badri promises to get her wish true which is to win badri over his master !
Performance wise every one did his best! Allu Arjun rocked the dance floor! his fights were god! his dialouge delivery has improved a lot! and in "omkaswari" song chiru's grace in dance was seen clearly! he improved a lot! and in nath  naath song he danced like hell! almost 90 seconds he danced and danced! was eye treat to fans!But all i worry is bunny's hardwork has gone futile as movie is not upto the mark!
Then comes tammanah she was hot! and she did her role quite good ! but her charectirization is not done well!She is a easy falling girl for anything!She exposed her best in this movie! this can make the masses gaga over her!She is soon to replace Ileana Anushka and other leading actresses! Praksh Raj was good though nobody liked his beard and his look!Kelly dorge was good ! Comedy by Bramanandam as baba rocked the theatre ( aina(chiranjevi) tanta kasi nunde ekakdiki vachaim ekakda nuvu tantey ekakdiki povalee indra comedy repeated here ))!  though it was a continuotion to Indra it sooted very well!So was Ms narayana! he too was good and  other comedians were just ok! And coming to fights peter heins and allu arjuns hard work is correct combination! it was a eye treat for people who love action! Allu Arjun is a He Man in this movie! VV Vinayak too couldnt handle the movie upto the end! he failed miserably as a director in the climax especially!The love feel in the movie is missing and instead he concentrated on heroine skin show  and hero's dance!Nothing so special to watch this movie except for awesome cinemetography,sets arjun's dance and tamnah' skin show! and a viusal feast songs!
the film doesnt deserve more than 2.75/5People compared the movie with shakthi which is  disaster of this year only because it had connecion with these holy places!But i am afraid the movie cant collect  budget!



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