Nominees for the CineMAA Best Hero are as follows :

  1. Naga Chaitanya for the movie Ye Maya Chesave
  2. Balakrishna for the movie Simha
  3. NTR for the movie Adhurs
  4. Prabhas for the movie Darling
  5. Allu Arjun for the movie Vedam

Here I am going to write my opinion on each hero and their chance of grabbing the award irrespective of the politics involved in our awards. I am just analysing the performance in all aspects.
Coming in Order as the options are shown in the Maa Tv Video.

Naga Chaitanya:

This hero entered as heir to Nagarjuna in 3rd Generation of Akkineni Family. He launched as a hero in Josh movie. That movie got big welcome but he failed to grab the audience. Many felt that he have to improve a lot in all aspects.Ye maya chesave is his second movie. Movie got nice response especially from youth and was a decent hit. This movie has lots of scope for action but this guy didn’t improved in terms of facial expressions. But he improved in terms of remaining aspects like dances(of course only in a song) and dialogue delivery. He is nominated for this award only on the basisi of politics as the Nagarjuna is one of the directors of Maa Tv. Rana daggupati is far better in Leader then Naga Chaitanya. Anyway Naga Chaitanya has least chances as per the acting but high chances as per politics. It completed 100days in 3 centers with 4shows and 1show at prasads-inox. Its gross is 25crores and buget is just 12crores.My rank is 5th  for him


No need of introduction for this Box-Office Bonanza. He is the son of Legendary NTR and famous for his Mass following and Dialogue Delivery. But in recent past he failed to attract the audience with his movies till Simha. But in the end of decade he roared in the Box-Office with huge collections. He did his best for its success. Director succeeded using the talent and capacity of NBK to full extent.No words about NBK's performance but as he is not young he lacked in dances. There is less scope for action. He needs an aggressive look most of the time and nice dialogues.His face expressions were superb but almost same as the film demands it. Movie is a huge hit in middle of competition. It collected 31.48crore(share) and run 100days in 92 direct centers.He is a tough compettition for Allu Arjun.As the awards are based on polling. They have to decide the place.My rank is 2nd


This hero is the best heir in the third generation of Nandamuri Family. He acted very well in the movie adhurs in two roles as a Brahmin and a killer who works for a policeman. He has lot of scope for action and he justified the role. No need of introduction for his dances. He simply rocked in the movie.His performance in dual role is very nice and shown the comedy style in him..The movie released in less competition in Pongal Season. The movie came with lots of expectations and failed to reach them but received nice collections and records.The movie ran for 100days in 15 centers and collected about 36crores(gross).His performance is nice but it is not an award winning performance. My Rank is 3rd.


This hero entered as heir to Krishnam Raju. He is famous for his Body and he received lot of applause for dual rola in his previous movie Billa.He now came as a Lover Boy in Darling.Director succeeded in showing him as lover boy. His acting in some scenes are very natural and nice to see. But  in some scenes he failed to put nice facial expressions.He started to be favourite of many girls with this movie.He tried to dance and he is successful in them too.His performance is less but it is ok.He stand in 4th position. Instead of strong compettition from Simha and other movies Darling ran for 100days in 15 centers.My rank is 4th for him

Allu Arjun:

He is the star who came from Allu family and a fan of Chiranjeevi rather then relative.We cant call him as heir as there is Ram Charan for it. Anyway coming to the performance of Bunny in this movie, he justified the role of Cable raju 200%. He is the one in this list whose facial expressions have no competition with others except Balakrishna.He did took part in the promotions and repaired cable too in an area which cant be done by any other hero.He has less scope show his dancing skills but he proved it with only one song. He has the one and only dialogue but he should say it in different situations with different expressions and tone which was perfectly  did by him. No words to describe his performance in this movie.The movie was flop but it was critically acclaimed and For me as he is suitable for the Award with strong Competition from Balakrishna.This movie collected 20crores(gross) even this is flop. My Rank is no.1

Anyway as the award will be given as per the polls. Here is the poll.PLease do read the whole article before commenting or voting... Vote and do comment why you consider them as No.1



  1. vella andarilo alluarjun actng baguntadi he deserves the award a tarvata for prabas migata vallu andaru yaaaak

  2. bad article more than balayya it is only allu arjun and ntr.ntr sholud get the award bcos he took a role which no one one even dare to take and did justice to it 100%.he showed the variation in both the it is either ntr or bunny...ntr 70% and bunny 30%.remaining are waste

  3. piriki na dashlu post chesina comment delete chesestara? thu mee bathuku


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