The Day 30 June 2011 was the most unforgettable day for the fans & the common people.It was around 11.20pm at the PRASAD's IMAX at Hyderabad time for the BHTB premier and a small felication was done for BIG B by ANNAYYA MEGASTAR CHIRANJEEVI in the Screen 3 BIG B was at the press conference followed by MEGASTAR,PURI JAGANNATH,R G V, & other's Amitabh ji was adressing the press suddenly he turned toward's MEGASTAR & said that in recent times in news paper he read an article about Chiranjeevi garu has done 149 film's & that he was not doing any film's more and wanted to concentrate on the politic's, then he asked MEGASTAR to do 1 more film which takes him to the 150 film's mark and requsted him to do so as 149 was being as an odd no. and 150 would be as a good number for his carrer.Then MEGASTAR said that he might re-think of  doing the film
              As speaking Puri Jagannath said that he will be directing the 150 th flick of MEGASTAR.He also said that during his day's in degree he used to see the flick's of MEGASTAR & BIG B and by seeing those he lost his degree also so he wanted our MEGASTAR to do the 150 th film and then CHIRU said that he would be acting if RGV co-odinates,and Puri jagannath direction ,& if BIGB does a small guest role in the film & BIGB said that he was ready to act with CHIRANJEEVI garu
              But we the fan's of MEGASTAR CHIRANJEEVI  congrat's Puri jagannath as he made Chiru to come back on screen after a span of 3.5 year's as all fan's of him are very exited to see him back on screen for his 150 th movie

kudos to Puri jagannath, BIG B for making Chiru to come back to the TFI



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