Point 1:First let Know what is so called “Fanism”. Fanism means showing more Love to a particular person in lot of people…. that means you love everyone and Love that particular person more than them and this is called “Fanism”.
Point 2:Why people fight to show how big fan they are which is stupidity at its best, coming to our telugu film industry where so called fans fight like “Ball less” bitch for their loved celebs, they say “my star is big,my star is popular than yours, my star earns more money than yours” etc etc and shit….
Lets Talk about our Telugu stars , “Telugu” « Do you know what that word means to you.. it’s your mother tounge you idiot. how would you feel if someone insult ur family or ur mother or your mother tounge hmmm… you will get angry because u love them… same way all the Heros are ours , our telugu people and our own people.
Point 3.The greatness of telugu actors is they all are unique, they all entertain us like heaven , some say my actor acts better than urs and some people with no brains in some blogs gave them rankings according to their skills and popularity Duh! … you duffer do u even know acting is not showing different variations, itzz about entertaining in the best way,an actor is an actor who makes us involve in the movie and that is acting. Showing different variations and making people irritated doesn’t make any sence….
Point4: Chiranjeevi,Balakrishna,Nagarjuna,Venkatesh,Mahesh Babu,Jr,NTR,Pawan Kalyan, Allu Ajun, Ram Charan who ever it may be they all are ours and they entertain us in their own way
Point5:Chiranjeevi- Chiranjeevi one of the most Entertaining actor who was dancing like now or never in 90’s when anyother indian artist could not even movie their hands properly and iam proud of him, he makes us entertain like heaven.
Venkatesh:-the actor who makes us entertain like anything , we laugh.. laugh.. laugh like hell , he makes us involve in the movie, one of the best entertainers and am proud he is in our telugu
Balakrishna:- When i was child i used to watch “Aditya 369” multiple times which was my fav and he is awesome dancers till now , if u say his dialouges are too worst and irritqatin then it is not his fault it is Director and dialouge writers fault , he is one of the best entertainers and am proud of him :)
Nagarjuna:-Love story’s king , al ways experiments :) one of the best entertainers :) Love him
Mahesh babu :- One of the most popular guy in INDIA and makes us sit on the edge of the seat , Awesome actor and iam proud of him, popular around the world :D
Jr.NTR:- He dances , acts everything makes us entertain with his acting :) proud of him, he is popular in NOrth :D
Allu Arjun:- Presently the “HE-MAN” of south india the ,Awesome dancer :D proud of him, popular in whole south and called as MALLU ARJUN in malayalam :D
Ram Charan:- Experimenting Actor :) MAGADHEERA of Telugu :) <3 Pawan Kalyan:- Who can forget him, his charm and his own way of acting makes him a DEMIGOD in AP :) proud of him :) Point 6:- you know what some of our own telugu people insults our own actors and keeps intrest in other lang people, for people like those look here once… Telugu is the biggest movie making industry in india Economically and interms on making most number of movies The most viewd indian films worldwide after hindi is Telugu Telugu movies are most popular after hindi You know that Foriegners write reviews on telugu movies before we do , that is the popularity of our telugu movies Actors like Mahesh,Pawan,Jr.NTR,Allu Arjun has fans world wide and am proud of them Point7:- Tamil actors whom we say the best actors may be good actors but worst at entertaining , most of their movies get flopped , Telugu is way far better than any industry in INDIA in terms of entertaining and be proud for it :) <3 Point8:- Dont fight for any Actor/Actress because they are our loved ones ,if u dont like the movie just live it in your mind :) , dont insult any actor in any blog :) love them :) support them and Dont beleive any Media news saying a hero is number 1 and that heroine is number 1 , you know what no one is number 1 they make programms to increase TRP and get Ads and money. Here is a story:- There are three guys vinay ,kiran,kumar A new film is released in theatre and these three people wanna go to that movie and that actor is their fav actor. vinay to kiran - arey naa fav hero cinemaa ki pothuna ra , tension thatkolekapothunna mama , tension tho theatre ki velli koorchunadu,cinemaa chusthunadu , emo mari endhuko gaani oka scene kuda burrakekatledu tension tho expectation tho,final result emani ichadante ,cinemaa flop ani Kumar went to theatre and started watching the same movie piccha picchaga navvukuntunadu prathi sceneki, haiga enjoy chesthunnadu , Final result emani ichadante - No story mama cinemaa lo , guarantee ga flop. Kiran-Kiran ye tension lekundaa haiga movie enjoy cheddamani lopaliki velli kurchunnadu , ye expectationsu levu , story ki thaggatu cinemaa ni follow avuthu enjoy chesthunnadu, love scene vasthe lover ni gurthukuthechkuntu, centiment scene vasthe edusthu movie ni ela undho ala enjoy chesthunnadu :). Final result- Move chaala bagundhiraa :) ->Paina katha saramsham entante :D cinemaa antha full ga navvukuni enjoy chesi story ledhani cinemaa nachaledhata, story leni cinemaa kuda untadha, story ante oka manishi life ni theeskuni kuda nadpinchochu :D
->expectations tension tho cinemaa chudaddhu
-> haiga velli ila enjoy chesi ala vacheyaali :D
ipdaina please evartho fight cheyakandi please,andharu manavaalle, maa bangaaraalu kadu meeru ^_^




  1. okate ma heroes ni thidthe memu eppatki oorukomu ma heroes ante maku pranam anthe


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