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God the Saviour. God the creator. God the destructor. God the merciful. God the punisher. God the death bringer  .........the list goes on. God is like a blank character. He can take whatever the role we want him to in our minds.

Look at things this way ..........
 In a forest deep inside the Amazon valley theres a young boy. Lets name him Kulu. Kulu's tribe is far away from any modern civilization. They have their own Gods and their own culture. They number around 200 - 250 people. Kulu grows up to be a strong young man,intelligent,witty. He finds the girl he likes and has a child. He lives a good  life. A good man respected by all. Eventually he becomes the tribes chief. He has always done what his tribe thinks is right. A man of honour

Now my question to all creationists. Kulu doesn't believe in Jesus. He doesn't even know Jesus. Of course its not his mistake. Their tribe is too far away from any civilization.
  1. Does he go to heaven or hell ?
  2. If God created the whole universe and by extension Kulu why doesnt Kulu know of his sole creator ?And remember Kulu was a good guy.
  3. What happens to Kulu on the eve of Rapture ?
Consider India the birthplace of Hinduism,Buddhism,Sikhism and other religions. The majority are Hindus. Hinduism is polytheistic i.e many gods. Christianity originated far away from India. So my question is if the same God created all the people populating the earth why doesn't every human believe in that God whether it be Jesus, Allah , Mosus , Brahma ?

So what is obvious from these questions is that god is a creation of the mind and the popularity of a god/religion depends upon the amount of publicity the god can get. Christianity has the highest number of followers only because it has tremendous publicity via missionaries,war etc etc. Next comes Islam because they publicized their religion by waging wars and rubbing it on the people who have lost the war. Next comes Hinduism because they had publicity and also the population of India. Hinduism prohibits its followers from travelling on the sea. It is considered as sin. In the absence of that rule the demographics might have been different.

Kulus religion is not very famous because they never publicized it.There are numerous gods and yet only a few are famous solely because of the publicity they enjoyed.

Think people think.



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