Name : Eedara Naresh
Other names : Allari Naresh
Birthday : 30th June 1982 in Hyderabad
Occupation : Film Actor
Fav.Actor : Nagarjuna
Fav.Director : Ravibabu
Fav.Film : Geetanjali

                       Allari Naresh is the son of Late Veteran director & Producer E.V.V. Satyanarayana garu.Naresh started his film carrer in the year 2002 with the film called ALLARI directed by Ravibabu which has become a Blockbuster hit which also fechhed the title 'ALLARI' before his name as he is famously known as ALLARI NARESH in the Film Industry
                      Allari naresh is the only hero who was doing consistantly a minimum of 4 films in a year from his carrer starting day's in which minimum of 3 flicks are being done as average flick's at the box office.In the year 2006 he has done the film Kitakitalu in the direction of his father for the first time which was a big block-buster hit in his carrer.And in the year 2008 he is the only actor who as acted in 8 films in which 3 of them were bloc-buster's,1 Super hit & 1 as an average flick. For the year 2008 he won his first Film fare,Nandhi award & Best supporting performance for the character 'GALISEENU' in the film 'GAMYAM' .
                     He has also done the character's of the negetive shade's for the film Visakha express,In the year 2004 he has done a flick called NENU which was a remake of tamil film 'Kaadhal kondein' which has brought out the immense actor in him,Till date he has done 37 film's debuted the Tamil industry with his film ALLARI which has been renamed as KURUMBU. He generally immitate's the character's of the big hero's in the industry in a seterical manner.He is also the COMEDY king of the TFI

                    We wish this actor would make some more films in his near future & make the TFI to get good collection's at the BOXOFFICE .

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