Once again the recent buzz in the tollywood industry was the’ hike of  Remuneration' by the tollywood hero's and heroine’s. And not only they but the star director's and the music director's have also raised their remuneration’s in the industry
    On the other side the producer council was trying to cut down the cost of production and they also had a meeting about the cost of production values and they almost achieved that. But with the recent hike of the remuneration once again the producer's were in a such a situation that they doesn't have any idea that what should be done in this situation
    If the hero's heroine's director's and the music director's hike their remuneration for each and every film in this way they will be out of reach for the smaller producer's in the industry. And if this situation continues only the bigger producer's can produce the films with them and recently heard that the hero's who has hiked their remuneration’s they are also demanding the percentages in the collection's of the film and in the Satellite right's also.
   And if this situation goes on the fans cannot witness 3 films from their hero's in a year. If a producer wants to do a film with a star hero, heroine, director & a music director in a single film, the budget must be more than 40 crores for a single flick.
  • Remuniration of Hero's -
             Mahesh babu - 10c
             Jr. N.T.R- 8-10c
             Pawan kalyan -7c
             Ramcharan - 5-6c + nizam collections
             Raviteja -5.5c
             Prabha's - 6 c 
             Balayya ,Nagarjuna ,Venky - 5c
             Naga chaitanya - 2-3c + satteite right's
             Allu arjun -5c+2 area's rights
  • Remuniration of Heroine's -
             Trisha - 80 L
             Genelia ,Nayanatara - 1c
             Samantha - 75L
             Shruthi hasan - 50 L
             Taapse - 60L.
             Ileana -1-1.5c
             Anushka 1 c
             Kajal 1-1.25 c
             Tamannah - 80 L and stepping toward's - 1c
  • Remuniration of Director's -
             Rajamouli - 7c
             V.V.Vinayak - 5c
             Puri jagannath - 5c
             Srinu vaitla ,Trivikram ,Surendarreddy - 4c
             Bhaskar ,Sukumar - 3.5 c - 4c
  • Remuniration of Music director's -
              Harrisjayaraj ,Yuvan shankar raja  - 1-1.5c
              Devisri,keervani - 1c
              Tamman - 50-60L
              Chakri - 40L
              Mani sharma - 75L

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