Super star Mahesh Babu completes 2,00,000 followers in twitter today! Though the actor doesnt tweet regularly he does has a huge fans network over the social networking site #twitter !Infact he is second actor in tollywood to cross that score! The first was Siddarth who crossed the milestone long ago!Many mahesh fans at that time asked their co fans to unfollow siddarth on twitter so that mahesh may get lead,Siddarth retweeted that tweet!which was a straight punch to many egoistic Mahesh fans! But many started moking Siddarth right from that time! now the recent buzz is that Mahesh crossed 2,00,000! but fans were desperate that this happens so they started making fake profiles and following mahesh on twitter! the no of followers of mahesh increased alarmgly in the past few weeks!Almost all fake profiles are found in the supersatr's recent follower list!

You can check them here!

and many,sorry almost all are inactive like this one!
This is not the fans are doing for the first time! Earlier they used some javascripts to incrase their members in orkut and dominate Powerstar Pawan Kalyan orkut comn!The orkut Pspk was the most active orkut comn for 3 consecutive years in india !Mahesh fans just wanted to show off then too!And here again all the members are inactive just because all are just fake profiles!

Anyways we just wish that all goes well ang mahesh who has hot no hit after pokiri!scores one soon!

mock me here



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