Nagaram Nidrapothunna Vela is a Political Drama dealing with Corruption and Poli’tricks’, set in a Single Night!.

Story : How An Young Female Journo exposes the cheap Politics running behind the scenes in a Governement.

Screenplay : Poor

Music & BGM : Songs are tad boring and BGM is Poor.

Performances : Charmi has more footage than Jagapathi in the film. Performances of the actors are decent, nothing to complain or nothing to rave about.

Visuals : Average

Direction : Poor

Good :

1. Believe it or not, almost nothing!.

Bad :

1. Slow and Boring 1st Half with thin story.

2. Lack of execution and cliched Screenplay.

Overall Movie Rating : 2 / 5 ( Avoidable )

Boxoffice Verdict :

Nagaram Nidrapothunna Vela is made on a small Budget but big enough to flop at the Boxoffice with such mediocre stuff.
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