It all has come up as suprise to every one that chiru-the demi god of millions of die hard fans has accepted to do his 150th movie,thanks to puri's BdhtB release that Sr Bachan RGV and puri had presumed chiru to do his next movie! Though chiranjeevi was hesistant at the begining that he has given a statement a couple of days back that he might not do movie and his life is now dedicated to politics!This statement has sent shivers in many die hard fans who have come to his house and protested that chiru should act in movies else they would go fasting until death! Though a significant move was expected this was too early! Even SR Bachan said that 149 is an odd no and 150 movies will be a good fullstop for a filmy carrer!Meanwhile RGV who was waiting long since years to narate his dhora script took this oportunity as soon as chiru accepted that he will do it with puri as a director and he would be happy if Big B does a small guest apperance for which Big B readily accepted as if he was just waiting for an opportunity to do so!So all went good and its perhaps one of the most memorable moment of TFI which has never witnessed!



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