A voice which mesmerized the telugu youth till date as a playback singer and a man who also acted in some movies. Father for a true lover in Premikudu Movie and as a Prince in Shakthi recently are his famous roles in movies. He is the one whose voice you listen in almost every Telugu and Tamil movies at the time of 1970's to 1990's. he was so busy that he used to be in recordings every day. His voice suits to almost every Tamil hero from M.G.Ramachandran to new generation actors. He is the one who dubs the voice for Lokanayakudu Kamal Hassan for his Telugu movies.He also dubbed for famous Artist Raghuvaran. He have record in recording songs like 23songs in a single day which include 15 duets with P.Sailaja.

He is the only one to sung over 40000 songs in 15 different languages. He worked with almost every Music Director including legends of the industry. He had sung a song in  which he acted too with heroine Radhika singing with more then  2minutes of nonstop singing. He also been a part of TV Singing Competitions like Paadutha thiyaga in E Tv and Paadalani Vundhi in Maa Tv also some programmes in Tamil and kannada. He never left his friends, many of his friends are part of his career as he wanted them along the journey of singing. He have sung almost in all movies of Chiranjeevi and he wishes that he will come back to Films.

He used to play dramas in Nellore District and then shifted to Chennai for Dramas and also for filmy songs. Here is a nice article by his friend ENT doctor is uploaded below, have a look at it..

Here is another article tributed to him on his birthday 

Written and Collected by Massmaharaaj



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