The first era of stars(Of teluguCinema)were Majorly lead my NTR,ANR,Krishna,ShobanBabu.N. T. Rama Rao has a major pie in it.He did maximum Number of films in his career.He is a Guinness Record Holder with maximum Number of times acting in the same role as Lord Krishna, 18 times.ANR and Krishna Have their mark in the tollywood.All the above heros had their sweat out achive this star status and they are worth calling Legends.Fans were there in the era but no violence and no abusing stuff was majorly seen in this era.

Now comes the Second Generation stars...Starting in the row It's MegaStar Chiranjeevi,King Nagarjuna(Earlier YuvaSamrat),YuvaRatna BalaKrishna and Victory Venkatesh.Many More came into existence but couldn't last long or couldn't achieve that star status.In this era we can clearly see 3 out of 4 stars were Star Sons (Including Venki,considering him as a Producer son).Their fathers struggled really hard to make their sons as stars.Atlast they were!

Here all the 3 starts were stars by luck/Chance and was a very easy to achieve that star status for them. Chiranjeevi made his existence in teluguCinema by hard work again Just like NTR,ANR,Krishna did.Chiranjeevi worked really hard in his earlier part of his career and the rest he maintained it.Apart form chiranjeevi there are fewmore stars like Rajenderprasad,MuraliMohan but they were not as successful as the top 4.Fans play a prominent role in this era.Their emotions towards the stars are to true High.Commenting one each star and even a war kind of things happened in this era.

Here comes the 3rd stage of telugu Cinema Where again star son star had its full form of existence.The entry of MaheshBabu,jrNRT,AlluArjun,RamCharan,PavanKalyan,RaNa,Naga Chaitanya,Prabhas,Tarun etc were seen in this era.Here there is a competition between stars and so there is no chance for entry for a newcomer in this industry.Here the star status was not as easy as it was in the second era.Every new star bring in a new competition to the other.This created some Hard work nature in the stars.

People like Jr.NTR,AlluArjun,PavanKalyan etc..are exceptional.They desperately tried hard to get a hit.We never see a star son in 2nd gen trying to get a 6Pack or doing a Daring stunt to impress his fans.

Stars like RaviTeja,Shivaji,Sunil..etc tried real hard to get into film industry.Their desperate passion towards films made them walk on the streets of filmnagar for manydays, starving.It was atmost hard for a person to achieve a star status at this stage without a star background or Money.
people like Raviteja and Siddharth who were in the race with the stars, were in the creamy layer of tollywood.This shows that a strong determination of being a star and a true talent will always have a way open in to telugucinema.

Coming to fans,Here also the Fanism of Stars is high but we can see the trend of one Star fanism changing.Now a days people are having more number of stars in their fan list.Just like NTR-Prabhas Fans, Bunny-RamCharanFans.This is creating a healthy environment in telugu cinema



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