Badrinath movie release ayyi first day divide talk vachina.. later it settled with average talk

but with The aggressive promotion from the last 3 weeks by Geetha arts yields Excellent Colletions resulting

25CRORES Approximately(24.64cr) SHARE. in 25 Days Only in AP.

Aggressive promotiontho paatu..No big releases Post badrinath okati plus ayyindi

Most of the ALLu ARJUN MOvies start with divide talk first and lateron they became

super hits like desamuduru, Parugu etc.anduke talk dividega vachina janaalu oka saari

choodatanikayina vasthunnaru.

Areawise Break-up(all are Theatre worth SHARES..nO SG's MG's and FIXED HIRES included )

Nizam------------------8.41cr(A centres below averagega vunnayi..B,C centres baane vunnayi)-Chance to cross

......................10 crores here as there is no big release ahead in next 3 to 4 weeks

CEded------------------6.12cr(Excellentga aaduthundi.Bunny's heighest Share here 7 crores touch chethe ceded

.......................TOP 5 lO Vuntundi)

Uttarandhra------------2.4cr(Still going Super strong here.3crores touch ayithe only hero with 2

.......................3 crore films previous PARUGU)

East Godavari----------1.51cr(Going Fine...)

west godavari----------1.39cr(below average collections)

Krishna----------------1.44cr(steady collections)

Guntur-----------------2.22cr(excellent here too. first 2 crore film to BUNNY ,heighest till now)

Nellore----------------1.14cr(Fantabulous...Mass film padithe nellore zillalo ela aaduthundo proove chesthundi

.......................Bunnys heighest)
Total-----------------24.64cr Only in AP In 25 days..[:8]

Kerala lo kooda profitable Business.1.58 cr Share collections.1.1croreki konnaru publicitytho kalipi 1.25crore

invested.33 lakhs profit vachindi. Kerala business closinglo vundi

Karnataka collections teliyadu.

Overseas a huge disaster.
Anti-mega websites, News channels entha edchi enni programmeslo...Badrinath Flop disaster anna....collections

speak itself.

Ippatiki Badrinath Superhit or JUST HIT ani kooda cheppadam ledu..its a pretty, strict and very normal 

 Badrinath high budget movie made with 35+ crores. hero remunearationtho kalipi 40 vundochu but as it is a home

banner 35 crores vuntundi ani anchana.

AP colls,ROI,AV & SATELLITE rightstho kalipi safe avvochu or few losses vundochu.

First day bad talk or divide talk vachina..Geetha arts thana Marketing strategytho..cinemani Max losses to very

few loss or safe side varaku teesukochela movieni nilabettindi.

Hatsoff to them.




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