This is in his(fan) words,his name is Sharath.
This is the memorable, cool and friendly conversation I had with Pavan Kalyan. I will try to send that picture of Pavan Kalyan which I took in the airport. It is in my mobile.

I was at the Hyderabad domestic airport, waiting to catch a flight to Chennai on 18th April, 2005 at 7.30am. I was sitting in the waiting hall after completing the security check. I sat at a place where I can see people coming in. After sometime, when I raised my head, I saw Pavan Kalyan walking in. He is in a green pullover and blue jeans with big brown boots and a backpack. He is really tall and cool. Just like he walks on the screen with his head bent forward slightly, a swagger in a walk with not so big steps at a cool pace. Then to find a place he raises his eyes without raising his head fully. It is
just like on the screen how he watches for the threat from any danger from villains. It is that kind of a look he has. The eyes reflect lot of self-confidence and strength. His eyes observe and record many things at one glance. He found a row to the sidewall on the rear and sat in the first seat of that single empty row to the wall. There is no one in that row and there are also not many people at the rear of the hall. Then I turned around and noticed that he was alone watching around, thinking or maybe just sitting.

I thought for few minutes, If I would be bothering him early in the morning. I also thought that, now that he is alone, it will also be a good time pass for him if I can make a sensible conversation.

While reading this please imagine Pavan Kalyan's mannerisms as the way you see him on the screen. He is a very friendly guy for an intelligent conversation and very natural. He is just the way you see him on screen. "Cool"!!!

Then I went to where he sat and started on a cheerful note.

RKS: Hi, Srirama Navami Subhakankshalu!!!

PK: Oh! Eeroju Srirama Navama? Naaku teliyadu. With a braod smile and eyebrows raised.

RKS: Yeah! Eeroju Srirama Navami.

PK: Thank you and same to you with a warm smile. RKS: Can I take one picture of you please?

PK: Sure. (He naturally gave a very nice still.)

RKS: I clicked one picture with my Samsung D410. Wow!!! And said one picture with you.

PK: Sure, he removed the backpack from the chair beside him and placed it on the floor and made room for me to sit.

RKS: I said thank you and told him, I can show this to all my friends and say like the movie dialogue, "Pavan Kalyan, pakkana nenu."

PK: He gave a wonderfully big smile for that.

RKS: Then I clicked and the picture did not come properly.

PK: That's ok, "flight lo air hostess teestundhi le, meeru chennai kada veltunnaru".

RKS: OK, that will be great.

RKS: I work in Polaris at Chennai, though I am from Hyderabad.

PK: Polaris, ekkada choosanu� (the mannerisms are same as that you watch on the screen� very natural)

RKS: Yeah, just Airport ki vastunte, left lo vastundi Polaris.

PK: Annh choosanu.

RKS: Ninna maa friend vaalla father sashti poorthi attend ayyamu. S P Balasubramanya is a best friend of my friends father. They were talking about 40 years of their friendship and the function was filled with all friends. It was more like a friendship day celebration than anything else. We had great fun.

PK: SPB gara. OK

RKS: meeku childhood friends vunnara, and do you meet them? Someone like a bench mate in class?

PK: Leru. Ante ekkada vunnaro teliyadu. Aa taruvata eppudu contact kooda cheyya ledu. I did not study at one place. And also, by then I am brother of a celebrity. So I was ragged a bit. I do not have fond memories at school to keep them.

RKS: Meeru vizag lo vundevaru kada?

PK: Yeah, konni rojulu akkada vunnanu. And also, I only completed my Intermediate, so not much of college life.

RKS: Oh OK. Are you going to Chennai for a shooting?

PK: Ledu personal pani meeda veltunnanu. Meeru emi chestu vuntaru.

RKS: My friends, my brothers and myself are big fans of you and all your brothers.

PK: Another great broad smile and he said Thank
you bending little forward.

RKS: What is your next movie?

PK: Inka emi ledu, ante peru petta ledu.

RKS: Who is the heroine?

PK: Inka decide kaa ledu.

RKS: mee interview on TV lo choosanu, howz your baby?

PK: He is fine. Chaala rojula kritam aiy vuntundhi.

RKS: Yeah, Pongal ki anukuntaanu. (looks like he did not give any interview recently). Then, mee screen meeda mannerisms chaala baguntaayi. Specially, aa kallu chootoo pariseelistu vunte�. Ippudu kodataadu raa annattu vuntaayi� chaala baaguntundhi� PK: Neenu generally screen meeda act cheyyanu, natural gaa vuntaanu.

RKS: That's great. (And then I see another mannerism where his right hand goes behind the neck as if he adjusts his hair. You can see this mannerism in most of the movies before a fight. Typical Pavan Kalyan's style.) What is your time pass? Free time lo emi chestu vuntaaru?

PK: I practice Violin. I am learning classical music now.

RKS: Interesting, I am also learning Carnatic classical singing. Who is your guru?

PK: He is a person from Tirupati. He teaches me Violin.

RKS: Myself being in IT, the stress levels are high. It really give a great relaxation to learn classical singing.

PK. True. What you do should be different from your profession. Andhuke neenu Violin practice chestunnanu. I got into classical music. It gives a deep sense of relaxation.

RKS: Tyagaraja Kirtanalu nerchu kunnappudu, I see, chaala mandiki vaati ardhamulu kooda teliyadu. For instance, "paraatpara" ante sreshtula lo srestudu ani ardham. Ee maata manamu chaala saarlu vini vuntaamu, kaani daani ardhamu chaala mandiki teliyadu. That's why I got a Telugu dictionary for myself.

PK: Avunu, chaala vaatiki manaku ardhamulu teliyadu. Manaku vaati meanings kooda teliyadu and vaatini manamu ippudu vaadamu kooda. Ee classical baaga practice vundaali.

RKS: Yeah, I like Einstene said "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration"

PK: No, Einstene kaadu, Thomas Alwa Edison cheppadu adi.

In the meantime, Sankardada MBBS music director Devi Sri Prasad vacchi Pavan Kalyan ki Good morning Pavan Sir, chennai veltunnanu, akkada kalustaanu ani wishes cheppi vellaru
RKS: Oh OK. Inka vere emi chestu vuntaaru meeru?

PK: Nenu chaala aalochistu vuntaanu. Mind gurunchi ekkuvaga aalochistu vuntaanu. Chinnappudu naaku scientist avvali ani vundedhi. Neenu actor ayyanu. Neenu mind capacity emity, entavaraku mind vellagaladu, mind ki limits emiti ani alochistu vuntaanu. Mind ni study chyyatamu ante naaku chaala interesting ga vuntundhi. Left brain, right brain concept kaakunda inkaa deep ga think chestu vuntaanu. I read some books on that also.

RKS: Have you read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It is very interesting and is to your tastes.

PK: Yeah, nenu chadivaanu. Actually very interesting author. Nenu oka saari, Paulo Coelho website ki velli oka email pampinchaanu. Anukokunda, authoer aayana response pampinchaadu. Luckily, ala aa thread build ayyindi. Adi entaga ayyindhi ante, aa author mammalni atani country ki rammani invite chesaru. Naaku shootings valla neenu vella ledu. Renu maatram vellindhi and aayana two days host chesaru. It was really very interesting. Inko book "Warrior of light" kooda naaku chaala ishtamu.

In the mean time there was an announcement for boarding the flight. Pavan Kalyan got up and picked his backpack. I got up and we walked towards the ticket check. Pavan Kalyan was before me he finished with the ticket check and waited for me. I was totally delighted for his modesty. He has no reason to wait. Still he waited until, I completed my ticket check and joined him. He looked very tall and is wearing nice big brown boots. He has a very cool look.

RKS: What is the book you said, I will read it?

PK: "Warrior of light" kooda chadivaanu. It is a very good book
RKS: Nenu chaduvutaanu. I really appreciate the way you are. Generally, I know people who say, what if he is a film hero, who cares? I do not wanna go and talk to him or ask for an autograph? I do not know why people have such big egos to approach a Star. All said and done He is a Hero.

PK: Just looked and did not say anything. He was listening.

RKS: Once it so happened that I met the Hero Venkatesh at Chennai airport. A couple of other guys came from somewhere and started putting critics, stating that "Hey Venkatesh, you are getting grey beard, you are getting old." Least do these people realize that "after all, these film heroes are also human beings." And these two guys who comment on Venkatesh, think of themselves as if they are real time heroes.

PK: "You should see the inside of the person and not the outside!" That is most important.

Then we reached the flight and airhostess said Good Morning. PK entered the flight and sat in the 3rd row window seat of business class, obviously. I sat in the second row of the Economy class. I thought I would go and talk to him one the flight takes off. No sooner the flight took off, time flew too and we reached Chennai. I did not have the opportunity to get into the business class as breakfast is being serverd. After the flight landed off, I thought of calling Pavan Kalyan to wait so that I would take a photograph with him. Then again, I thought it would be too much to ask for him to wait. I saw him going in the business class bus and another guy talking to him in the bus.
was happy that I could spend almost 35 to 45 minutes with Pavan Kalyan. And I am sure that this conversation between us will be memorable for both Pavan Kalyan and myself too. Next time when I meet Pavan Kalyan, I can always remind him of this conversation and can easily continue to befriend him.

I do not know what people think of Pavan Kalyan. To my understanding, he is very intelligent, speaks wonderful English with no grammatical mistakes. He likes intellectual conversations. He is very friendly and approachable if only you can make the conversation interesting for him. He is a great listener, thinks a lot and loves to experiment. In his conversations, he has nice messages for all of us. He is a wonderful human being. If you watch him outside, you will see that most of his mannerisms on screen are natural. He is very natual on screen because he is the same in real life too. He is an Icon for the Youth of Andhra Pradesh.



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