Yes the title of this may annoy you and you may think whats wrong with these idiots but in reality its reality!Yes of course the no. of movies releasing per year are going up day by day but the success ratio of these movies is falling down year by year!And our Telugu movies are not given national awards though we have many deserving films like Prastanam,Leader,Vedam .
Ya you may say this is due to some politics run by the senior most director whose last 50 films are flop and still wanted his last diaster to dreserve national award but again our national media claims that bollywood Wanted is of tamil remake? But isn't it telugu? Not only national media the print media and electronic media too quote the same . So our Tollywood is definately falling , And ourleading actresses(sorry none of their mother tonque is telugu but we are forced to call them our) quote 1.5 to 2crores for a tollywood film and just 80 lakhs to a Tamil film and just 40 lakhs for a bollywood film and dates are always available in accending order . Doesn't that add burden to our producers ? And the producers are again forced to arrange all their demand's like 5star hotel rooms, flight tickets to some functions/events/parties(no where realted to their respected movie) And now their are our actors .
There is a superstar who does a movie in 3 years? and spend's most of his time doing ads? Is he a model or an actor? Ok fine he was getting paid good so he is doing ads but what about the movies? His last film bombed very badly which took 3 years to make? Is that movie equal to Avatar or some high budget hollywood movie that it took such a long time? Then he promised he would do 3 movies every year, But the promise was not held . Is the reason that acteress and other cast and crew dates are blocked and the over all cost of production is increasing.
Anyways not only him all stars are like that! and there are their respective fans again who claim that the other stars movie is a dud ! Starting from day 1even if the movie gets positive talk from critics they start making fake buzz that "I/friend went to the movie yesterday and the hall was empty, Nobody liked the movie, the movie is a flop/utter flop/disaster "They would not have been so over joyed if their demigod star's movie would have been a hit but they surely laugh at other stars failure ! And not hiding most fans are just caste fanatics ! And then comes our PRos,producers etc. with their fake collection list that the movie is sccessfully running and it grossed ** crores in just 1 day/week.Are the audience so foolish? If the movie has really such stamina then it would have stayed in many centers/theatres and would have had a good run(of course with this piracy it isn't that possible)And meanwhile the only one cashing out through all these is kolly/bolly/hollywood movies.

Yes with no good films staying in theatres they are dubbing/releasing every alternate movie and are geting unanimous talk and their is no anti-fans for these movies they are running good!Infact whenever you see a newspaper for theatres u would find all tamil/english dubbed movies and bollywood direct releases running and are geting good no of centers for release! For instance before last month there was national award winner Bala's Avan Ivan which released in 350 theatres in tamil nadu and its dubbed version Vadu Vedu released over 300 centers in Andhra Pradesh! and our reginal movies starring Srikanth , Venu other stars are given just 100-200 theatres.And even before these films get a good mouth talk they are replaced by next week bollywood/hollywood/Kollywood releases,And you internet browsers just ask for torrents/download links from friends/forums if you heard that the movie is good and download the movie good and watch them at home eating producers money and then criticizing again that it should have been better here,oh the climax was dragged,blah blah blah ! I have no problem with that but the producer has, infact every person related to that particular film(only his film if it is other banner movie he laughs his ass again).

The raise of ticket rates is alarming the producers/pros say due to piracy even if the movie is good(they say) they are'nt recovering so we need a hike in tickets! Infact I saw a friend commenting on this that "piracy chustunaru ani ticket rates penchero leka ticket rates pencheru ani piracy chustunaru ardham avtaledu" yes he had a point!And even if we are going the bollywood way ie.. releasing the movie in most centers and just cashing out as much money as u can only in the opening weekend,our telugu audience say that the movie didn't run in these many centers even for 3 weeks how can it be termed a hit ? You tell me if the movie released in almost 1000+ screens max people must have watched the movie in a week rather than a movie which released in 500 screens? and eventually as less no of people must have watched that screen release movie so it stayed a little longer thats it! That doesn't mean the longer run movie is a hit or even the one released in more centers is a hit! but the one which grossed huge and is profitable to exbiters,distributers and producers is termed a hit
Anyways the problem is with our audience way of thinking in kolly/bolly/holly there is never A centers or B centers or C centers! but we divide and our media is also a paid media! that the no.1 news channel quotes a movie on its first day that it is a block buster all over and in its next week the same channel and the same anchor/voiceover tells it has bombed everywhere ! I don't get who are termed as fools? whether people or the media? I just wish that these people and we the audience change our minds and be a bit wiser and bolder !



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  2. Hi...nice post, but lengthy. You should have split this into two or more paragraphs.

  3. Hi mallik u can rechek the post once again as we have made some changes to the post

    And I thank u for the feed back frm u

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  5. ahaaaaaaaaa.there is a powerstar not at all having a convincing career.there is no right for his fan to question our SUPERSTAR


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