International School of Film + Media - Interesting facts!!

# ISFM is Asia's Largest Film School.

# ISFM is India's first privately managed "Not for Profit" Film School.

# ISFM is located in the grounds of World class Film studio, Annapurna studios.

# Dr. ANR wanted to launch a film school long time back but could not do it as for certain reasons and both his sons Nagarjuna & Venkat were busy

# The 22 Acres of Annapurna studios, with shooting floors, sets, and post production facilities will form the campus for ISFM.

# The institute is establishing a endowment fund, managed by an independent board of directors, to provide scholarship to talented students from underprivileged backgrounds.

# Mr. Nimmagadda Prasad has donated Rs 1 Crore towards student scholarships on July 23 at the official press conference of ISFM.

# Kurt Inderbitzin, CEO of ISFM, an US born Film Maker, has vast experience in developing, writing, directing, editing and producing movies and shows for major studios, cable companies and the networks, including CBS, ABC, Lifetime, NBC, TBS, TNT, HBO and Warner Brothers Network, in all formats, High-Definition, digital video and 35 mm film.

# ISFM will have faculties from Film Industry & International Film Schools as well!

Amazing Response!!
# 0 to 75,000 results on Google search engine and over 1000 admission calls for ISFM in just 4 DAYS since our official launch!!! That is an incredible response!!
Looking forward to hearing from many more future film makers and actors! National Award winning Actor, Producer & Director Mr. Prakash Raj will be the Faculty for Acting Certificate course at International School of Film + Media!! Its Official !



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