Have the Bhatts again borrowed from a foreign film for 'Murder 2' plot
It seems Korean films are the newest source of inspiration for the Bhatts. While they claim that their earlier film Sadak inspires their latest outing Murder 2, the buzz is that it has been lifted from a 2008 Korean thriller titled The Chaser.

The storyline of this South Korean flick revolves around a human-trafficker and his attempts to capture an elusive serial killer who has been preying on his girls. Apparently, Murder 2's story is quite similar.

Reportedly, even the poster of this sequel is a direct rip-off of another Korean film called Bad Guy.

this is not the first time the Bhatts have taken inspiration from an international movie. Even the prequel, Murder was said to be lifted from the Hollywood film Unfaithful.

Real-life story
However, producer Mukesh Bhatt vehemently denies these allegations, saying, "I have not seen The Chaser. We have always said that our film is inspired from Nithari killings. It is a real life inspiration. Kalyug was inspired from a real life story, too. Nithari is topical and it is a story of a psychopath."

A Vishesh Film insider informs that Bhatts sold the film rights to Ponty Chadha for R 15 crore, but when they saw the final print they realised their mistake. "They felt that the film has shaped up well and has potential to earn much more. They immediately asked Ponty to let them have the rights for Bombay territory.

Ponty demanded to see the final print and decided that he doesn't want to part with the rights. So finally, both parties have become fifty percent partners in Bombay territory," the source informs

A major leakAlso, Mukesh Bhatt confirms that uncensored videos of the film have been leaked on the internet and the makers have no idea who leaked these promos.



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