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Cast : 'Chiyyan'Vikram , Anushka , Baby Sarah , Amala Paul , Nasheer & other's 
Music : G.V.Prakash Kumar
Cinematography : Nirav Shah 
Editing : Anthony
Producers : Suresh Kondeti , Vijaya Parasad
Release Date : 15/07/2011

   This time the intresting combo pair of Vikram & Anushka were with the flick of  'Nanna'. So let's have look how this take's off

Story : Flick start's of with krishna (Vikram) a mentally challanged person working in a chocolate factory in Ooty . He behaves like a 5yr. child even in the middled age, and his wife passes away giving a baby birth to a girl and he takes the duty to grow the girl and names her as Vennela (Baby Sarah) with the help of his neighbour's
            One day Krishna's father-in-law comes and takes away the girl with him showing the inabilty of him in growing her daughter and she now get's in to the custody of her mother's sister (Amala Paul) then comes the lawer Aniradha (Anushka) takes up the case promising him to get back the girl to his custody who she was been helped by a sr. Advocate Bashyam (Naseer). The rest is the legal battle & argument's in court that who finally wins the case was the climax of the story

Nanna performance : Vikram was perfect and the entire credit goes to him for coming up to accept the role and splendedly delivered it withe ease.Coming to Anushka she appeared in a Deglamorized role and she was imoressive in her character , Amala Paul has been good in her charcter and pulls off a tricky role. tere were no word's to say abut Baby Sarah as she has done a fab. job . Nasser has also a convincing role , And Santanam has also done his jobb good

Nanna tec. Aspects : Cinematography of Nirav Shah & G.V.Prakash musics makes and takes us all the involvement in to the flick more deeper. As the script was lacks something and it has been done purley for an award rather than concentrating on commercial values.Director Vijay has done his best to the flick and he made all his artists to get the best out of them and his technicians we can see every frame in the film resulting their hardwork. Production values were also good.

Plus :
  • Vikram 
  • Baby Sharah 
  • Cinematography
  • Second Half
  • G.V.Prakash music
Minus :
  • First half
  • Slow narration 
  • Predictable story in some parts
  • Editing
  • Entertainment 
Hit or phat verdict : Nanna was a sloe narrating story but amazingly spelled flick.It satisfies you if you are a good movie lover,and it is not for the people who expects mass entertainment

Hit or phat review : 2.75/5

And Nanna was a remake version of a Hollywood flick ' I am Sam ' which casts Academy winner Sean Penn in it. 

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