Music: S Thaman
Dialogues: Rajendra Kumar
: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Art: Chinna
Fights: Stun Siva & Ganesh
Story - screenplay - direction:
Santosh Srinivas
Bellamkonda Suresh

Hansika Motwani
Swati (SA)
Sonu Sood
Jaya Prakash Reddy
Chandra Mohan
MS Narayana
Fish Venkat
Raghu Babu
Dil Ramesh
Rama Prabha etc

Kanderega is not the apt title for this movie! Ready 2 would be more apt! Ram imitates Pawan Kalyan! Yes we all know that but in this movie he has grabbed the comic timing of Massmaharaj Ravi Teja too!Hansika has added lots of weight. Bramhaji is wasted! We miss sunil! Bramhanandam had a little screen space! Phew! Enough of this pecimism,lets get back to the movie! Santosh Sreenivas debut as director is a grand sucess. I wonder how come such a new comer has handled such a tight screenplay in the most brilliant manner. The story was no new one but the narration was briliant and a complete laugh riot! Yes the frost half was average but the second half though dragged a bit was superb!Lets come to the story line! Ram is a degree less wanna be would be of Colours swathi who has studied all her childhood just that if not her parents will wed her to some degree less useless fellow So Ram wants to get a degree and he comes to hyd. The whole village party as he is leaving(same scene in Singh is King, Bava) to study where he fells in love with Hansika lover of Sonu sood a rowdy of hyd(Krishna movie raviteja-villan plot) Ram gets into Sonu sood eyes and Ram says some logics(the Mirpakai movie Raviteja-jayaprakshnaryana way) .Sonu sood chalaneges Ram that he should be loved by hansika!Ram makes her fall for him!And Sonu Sood forces Hansika to marry him and on the weeding eve! Ram comes and elopes her! Here is the twist that Jayaprakshnaryana the warangal king elopes Hansika from Ram just because his daughter Aksha is in love with Ram!Ram gets to warngal for Hansika and asks Jayapraksh naryana 10 days to marry her daughter aksha. In the mean while he plans for eloping hansika from the clutches of jayaprakshnaryana. Sonu Sood enters and makes it worse for ram! And the rest of the story goes the Hanuman Junction way Ram makes Aksha think Sonu sood is the right match for her and Sonu sood loves hansika and hansika loves Ram! And the climax is the same ready movie plot.

The positives are:

Nice songs,Ram at his best,fantablous comedy timing!Nice dialouge modulation!Sonu Sood's carrer best and a full length comic villan character!Aksha's warngal slang was awesome!And Ms Naryana's looks like Shah Rukh Khan of Rab Ne Bana di Jodi!i loved this look and i wished he stayed little long Rams dance was good as ever. Bramhanandam's act as a rowdy (Laksmi movie character) is nice but short! And Raghu Babu's entry as Avatar made everyone laugh till their stomach hurt!Santosh srenevas did his best in entertaing the audience!He knows the pulse of audience! The whole theatre started screaming when they saw clipings of Pawan kalyan, Mahesh Babu & Hansika added a weight and is not that charming but still she was ok for her role!Many endless flaws are negligible as the 2nd half was quite entertaining. On the whole it is a sure short entertainer and is the winner of the season!Made with a modest budget this will be the best grosser of Ram's all movies.

Rating : 3/5
Final Verdict: Ready 2



  1. Muvy is Dumb..
    i saw the muvy on the 1st day mrng show,
    comedy is rotten
    hansika looked ugly
    ram's overaction was unbearable
    songs were nt catchy enough
    sonu sood was made a pichi puvvu in the entire 2nd half
    no serious villian
    people walked out of theater in last 10 mins
    flop of dhada may work out for kandireega
    title is not at all apt
    mix of many muvies
    rating 2/5


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