As a CG Artist I had watched more than 40mins of the movie. And it's my personal review after watching movie without audio. So my experience while watching movie may different from watching in Theater.

First of all as all knows Mahesh Played a roll of Stylish Police Officer. Apart from that he also played another roll with different shade (Not double Action).

Title song was very much regular, and 2 more songs were nice on of the song was shot in Gujarat where Magadheera was shot (that large white and brown soil shown in Flash Back) it is rich with a large group of dancers in Tribal dressing.

Fights are Regular but have the ability to entertain mass audience.

Mahesh Babu's action in Comic Sequence was improved. (Watched only one and very hilarious comedy scene of MS Narayana he was just awesome I'm not going to tell you the concept of the scene you should enjoy your self in the theater.)

As usual Mahesh Babu looks handsome much than before and stylish too. Samantha is Gorgeous and their pair is just awesome. I think she is the best opposite girl to Mahesh till now.

I think is the pre-climax fight. It is much similar to Pokiri climax fight. And the getup of Sonu Sood is also not impressive.

After a long time the cute girl in Jai Chiranjeeva (Nephew of Chiru in the movie) played a roll in the movie. As I think she played the roll as sister of Samantha in the movie.

Suman, Sonu Sood, Ajay, Shafi, Brahmanandam, MS Narayana played some other important rolls.

As I think this movie is going be a complete Family Entertainer with some mass elements in extra.

Please don't ask me about Story line or the hidden shade of Mahesh Babu in the movie. It's against to my professional ethics. Actually I don't have rights even to share this information in public. But as you all know we have many members who likes Mahesh Babu a lot. For them I am telling this information. And the post production work is finishing very fastly. We can expect the movie to release in a month.



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