All this talk of court cases about his film releases, it seems, has led to a new addiction for Ram Gopal Varma. The man is clearly addicted to controversy now.

How else would one explain his caustic, provocative tweets about blood donation!

The director is taking to twitterverse to vent his disaffection for donating blood and celebs who urge one to do the same.

RGVzoomin Ram Gopal Varma says, 'Lots of Celebrities told me in a government commercial just now to donate blood nd I want to tell them I won't evn donate water'

'Real men take blood nd only sissies give blood'

'I will never give blood for 2 reasons scared of an injection prick and 2. I don't love any one tht mch enough'

The replies to his tweets are scathing with people taking to the choicest of expletives.

Some of his tweets are not only provocative, but also farfetched.

'Nd I have ths suspicion that ppl who donate blood die of lueukamea in their next birth'

'What if God gets angry that we keep donating his given blood as per our own free will or just becos some celebrity told us'

Now, the initial reaction to his tweets would be to be utterly scandalised and chastise RGV for being brash and insensitive, but what if the man doesn't care...

'Its wrong of people to think I am self centered..I am actually a centre of selfishness,' continues RGVzoomin Ram Gopal Varma.

Garnering some more negative attention, is he? After all, in the world of showbiz, any attention is good att



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