The king who ruled Telugu Film Industry for 3 decades tops our list,yes its Chiru for his Stalin with 394 direct centers!

and then it is followed again by his son Ram Charan Tej for his South indian all time blockboster Magadheera which ran 50 days in 302 centers!
Followed by Pawan Kalyan the cool angry man for his Jalsa the biggest grosser of 2008 with 286 centers!
Mahesh Babu after 5 years gains a average hit and has entered our list with 256 centers for Dookudu
Followed by Victory Venkatesh for his Tulasi with 225 centers
Balaya enters our list with Laksmi Narsimha with 223
Chiranjeevi is back again for his Tagore with 223 centers
Followed by Superstar Mahesh Babu for his POKIRI with 222 centers!
Stylish star Allu Arjun enters with 187 centers for his Badrinath
Young tiger Ntr is next with 180 centers for his Yamadonga!
Allu Arjun is back again for his Parugu for 175 centers
Ram Charan teja i back for his debut movie Chirutha which ran in 168 centers
Young Tiger NTR gets again into this list for his Yama Donga(same director) with 162 centers
Balaya is back with 158 centers for his China Keseva Reddy
Followed by his Nephew NTR again for Brindavanam with 158 centers
Next is Chiranjeevi again for his Indra with 156 centers
Rebel Star Prabhas enters our list with 130 centers(49days) for his Mr perfect
Balaya is back again with 126 centers for Narsimha Naidu
Followed by Comedian-Hero Sunil with 123 centers for Maryada Ramana
Massmaharaaj RaviTeja enters for his Mirpakai with 114 centers
Naga Chaitanya's Yem Maya cheseve is said to be run in 105 centers
Gopichand's Golimaar is said to have run in 79 centers
Adhi(sai Kumar son) enters with 75 centers for Prema Kavali
Followed by Naga Chaitanya for 100%love for 65 centers
Ravi Teja enters again with 60 centers for Veera



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