Prakash raj has lotts career ambitions for which he cannot do justice bcoz of DHOOKUDU STORY LINE

responsibilities.. so normal 9 to 5 daily serial father laaga vundipothaadu

Mahesh babu on the other hand is dynamic.. so he realizes his father has so many ambitions.. koduku ki naa ivvali anukunataaru fathers.. so Mahesh takes the responsibility and then starts feeling his ambitions and in the process fulfilling them

following are the ambitions for Prakash raj:
1) Police department lo work cheyalani vundhi?
. so Mahesh becomes a paid officer.. criminals ni pattisthadu to police.. but not full time job

2) cinema ante interest , okka cinema ni direct cheyalani vundhi?
. Mahesh starts working on this issue..he tries to manage MS narayana .. 30yrs industry star..chaala yrs ninchi hit Mahesh convinces himself as a stars comedy.. fortunately movie hit avuthundhi.. Brahmi is either manager or Actual BRahmanandham in this movie..

3) Politician ayyi prajalaa jeevithalani marchalani vundhi?
second half twist is. movie lo hero ina MS will help Mahesh in every aspect for him to become a politician..

ps:this is not official,authentic



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