1) Chinese women have names like iski lee, uski lee and sabki lee...2) International gaming companies based in london give Indian names for their lead gaming characters...3) South Indians eat noodles with curd...4) South Indians use ayyo after all sentences...5) All NRI kids hate their dad if they are not"cool dude"...6) A game developer makes a game on the basis of his sons likes and dislikes..his boss is a complete jackass and will approve them...7) All chinese men hate to be called Jackie Chan...8) In 2050, characters from the game can become reallife persons...9) A uncool dad can become criminally cool like akon after having a beer during his game launch party...10) A kid can easily pass the level 1 of a supposedly difficult game even for game developers...11) Its funny to get kicked on crotch multiple times...12) All punjabi NRI moms want to change the swearing from maa to paa and behen to bhai...13) Game developers will get killed if they make games where villans are more powerful than heros...14) A widow who has just lost her husband is very excited to see Rajinikanth a day/days after her husbands death...15) Metal detectors in london do not detect gaming characters/super heros/ etc...16) Security people in london airport are gays...17) Robots live in Mumbai...18) Few people ( like Satish shah) cannot differentiate between human being and gaming charcter...19) South Indians also celebrate karva chaut...20) A punjabi girl can sing in south indian language...21) A very speed electric train can cause havoc to Chatrapathi Shivaji station...22) If there is a game in which you are supposed to survive for 2 minutes, just touch the crotch of the villan charcter...23) A dad who is supposed to be uncool, can be very cool in a flashback song...24) There are people in India who do not know Rajinikanth ...25) A game developers kid is so intelligent that it can give life to non real gaming character.script src="http://www.assoc-amazon.com/s/link-enhancer?tag=hito02-20&o=1" type="text/javascript">



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