Biggest grosser is when one takes in to  account of the money from Media partners, movie partners, Branding partners, Mobility equations, advertising partners, promoting partners, Satellite rights, Remake rights, Financiers, Multiplexes total on the canteens as well unlike single screens. Once the film gets a good talk & viewership increases these partners pump in more money to the producers in all the segments & the prices keep on increasing as the collections are good for there advertising.This is the common trend happening with Bollywood like Ra.One & surprisingly Mahesh is the 1st person to come up with this kind of equations in south which happened earlier with movies like Chandramukhi, ROBO, Sivaji, 7th sense. Here the producers need not pump in money for prints,publicity, campaigning, financiers cost & all these are covered by the partners which is calculated as a profit. Dookudu has 27 partners all together in the form of Media, apparels, Cosmetics, Food & beverages & visual journalism. This is the 1st time for a telugu movie:). Where as the collections from the theatres are for the distributers exclusively/mostly & that is only a part of the gross Shares for 4 producers sometimes & mostly 4 distributers if not on NRA or producers release. 25-20% of the money has come in this way for   Dookdu other than that so called collections we are  talking abt!Glad that Super Star Mahesh has started this trend now atleast while our tollywood was sinking!and remember He uses a Celkon Phone in Dookudu. Why can't he use a BB or an Iphone? He wears crocodile T shirts, Levis jeans, Panther glasses, 3G services! These are all from where the money comes. Once he says Good profit people start comparing d theatres, colls etc.Overall Dookudu was a safe bet for it had numerous advantages like  Telangana Bundh,All critics supporting the movie instead of huge copycat scenes  just because our tollywood is sinking and we are desperate of a hit,then comes Dusserah holidays and again no big movies comparable to Dookudu after Ooseravalli for almost more than 2 months.



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