1.He'z the frst person to introduce 'GAP' brand 2 South film industry 
2.He'z da frst person to introduce d trendy one-sided bags which created sensation from 'KHUSHI' movie 
3.He'z da frst person to use 6.various bikes in a movie that is 'BALU'.., They are a)YAMAHA R-1.., b)Bajaj Aaya Booza.., c)Pulsar-180.., d)Harley-davidson.., e)YAMAHA crux-R.., f)Suzuki-sportbike 
4.He'z da frst actor to introduce d world famous HARLEY-DAVIDSON bike to TOLLYWOOD by da movie 'BADRI' in 'Banagala katham lo' song 
5.He'z da frst actor to who wear low-waist jeans in TOLLYWOOD from d movie JALSA 
6.He'z da frst actor who introduced da cargoes from 'BADRI' in 'BANGAALA KATHAM lo' song 7.He'z da frst actor who stood on da side of MAHESH BABU during da piracy issue of ARJUN nad gave his full support to MAHESH directly..., 
8.He'z da only actor to campaign in d forest and hilghly rejected Girijan areas in ADILABADH district 
9.He'z da only person that a girl by name 'SWAPNIKA' who died cozz of eve-teasing in warangal wished to see for d last 
10.He'z da only actor that stated directly i wont care for anyone and stood with my word
Besides all this , he is the only actor in twood who introduce marshall arts



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