Constant media glare, huge expectations, keeping their personal life under wraps et al, can at times, get to the stars. And anyway, the world seems like an angry place these days. Everyone is losing temper - at work, at home and in TV studios. 

While the aam aadmi and his rage find no takers in the media, it's a different story when it comes to the stars. And when stars pick up a fight with the fourth estate, even the Khan wars take a backseat as the verbal and physical duel is splashed all across. Following the recent incident of a freelance journalist filing a case against Nagarjuna for the above reason, we list out a few well-documented instances where the stars have shown their displeasure towards the media in more ways than one.

Siddharth : The actor found himself being boycotted by most media houses recently when he took to a micro blogging site and spewed venom against a certain section of the media, dragging their families too into the medley. "3rd grade 'N'ews channels will sell their families to make up an hour of TV," posted the actor. The Film Newscasters Association of Electronic Media filed a complaint against the actor with the Movie Artiste Association (MAA) and Andhra Pradesh Producers Council. However, it was after veteran filmmaker Dasari Narayana Rao intervened that the actor to tendered an apology to the media.

Saif Ali Khan: The Chhote Nawab of Pataudi was embroiled in a controversy when members of his security team beat up photojournalist in Patiala. The incident took place at the Patiala railway station where the cast and crew were shooting for "Love Aaj Kal". While the photojournalist tried taking pictures of the ongoing shoot, the security personnel tried preventing them which ended in a scuffle. Later, to diffuse the bomb, Saif tendered an apology - "Shooting can get pretty chaotic and crowded in small towns and some pushing and shoving normally happens in a crowd situation. It happens all the time. So if anyone has been offended, I would like to apologize to them personally," said Saif.

Salman Khan: Bollywood's enfant terrible, Salman Khan, is known for his tremulous relationship with the media. Apart from calling media persons "barking dogs", Salman's attitude towards the fourth estate seems to have rubbed off onto his bodyguards as well. They are known to indulge in scuffles with media persons time and again. Some things don't change.

Abhishek and Amitabh Bachchan: AB's Baby courted controversy during the initial stages of his career when he beat up a photojournalist in Delhi during the shoot of the film "Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai". While this sent ripples across the fourth estate, AB Jr denied the incident saying, "I wasn't in any position to fight with anyone (due to severe back pain)... I have always had a high regard for the media."

Meanwhile daddy dearest still wears the tag of 'angry young man'. AB senior was embroiled in a war of words with senior film critic, Rajeev Masand, on a micro blogging site. Masand called Akshay Kumar "Jackass" after the actor released pictures of him posing with an ailing RK Lakshman during the promotion of his film "Khatta Meetha". Standing by Akshay, Big B posted - 'Rajeev, your fraternity will never pull you up for calling Akshay a 'jackass'. Ever thought if the reverse were to be done... would your fraternity have spared Akshay if he were to address you as one?' In response, Masand wrote an open letter to Bachchan, excerpts of which read; "I don't remember your fraternity pulling you up for the attack on photographers by security outside your house during Abhishek's wedding. I don't remember your fraternity so much as expressing outrage when Abhishek 'allegedly' bashed up a photographer on a film set."

Rana Daggubati: Blame it on the popularity of a micro blogging site, but it seems like our stars can't keep their thoughts to themselves. During the Tollywood drug racket case, actor Rana Daggubati's name cropped up in a media report. The actor took to his micro blogging site and ranted, "If a donkey bray at you, do you bray back at them?? And the donkey here starts with a Big D! (sic)". With the star throwing tantrums and ranting publicly, 'Big D' became the joke of the industry, with many stating that D stands for Daggubati. Ouch!

Pawan Kalyan: Displeased with the media for 'breach of privacy' actor Pawan Kalyan brandished his 'power' and beat up a journalist. While the matter was taken up the next day and a report filed, the actor staged a dharna accusing a section of the media of 'character assassination'. 



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