Some underground sources in relation with Al-Zazeera TV network had declared today that, Aishwarya who is suffering from heavy pregnancy, have given birth to a baby girl, baby is a sick little and of less weight than expected,... 
and the whole news are kept in utmost secrecy. The sources also said that, the news will be declared on 11/11/11 to fake the world, of having that baby born on that weird date. 

This news was broadcasted by one Japanese TV and as per the source, later they declared Rajnikanth ( who was in Robot ) as the father of that baby kid and also had riduculed Rajni, live on one TV show. 
Al Zazeera had spread these news later on, with the clippings of Aishwarya's delivery and birth of a baby girl, as per the sources said. 

However BBC news later had not confirmed of any such news and they said, our cameraman is still searching there, to cover the whole matter and this eventful news inside-out.
The picture given by Al-Zazeera wasof a matured kid, hence BBC news had given it avoid.

Below is the vdo, 
The moment, when Rajnikanth was portrayed on Japs TV, and Al Zazeera had later trimmed the clip part of Aishwarya, delivering a live baby.



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