DIFFERENT STROKES Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan strike a familiar chord while enjoying their `together moments'

They are brothers; they are in the same field of art — commercial cinema. The similarity ends there. While Chiranjeevi spans across a mega three decades, Pawan Kalyan is in the first flush of filmdom; not just that: one carries the mantle of a megastar with ease and √©lan; the other is a serious analyst of life and livelihood. Each has his own brand of acting — the vibrant elder brother in animated conversation with his quieter sibling throws light on how the latter took to cinema as a profession. Ranee Kumar takes notes.
Chiranjeevi: Coming to think of it, I was not sure I wanted you to enter movies as a star or for that matter any part of filmmaking. Ours was not a film family to so say. (Pawan Kalyan nods). When I called you over to Madras in 1982, it was with the idea of giving you the best in education. It was too early in life, yours I mean, to seriously question you on a vocation. Honestly, I didn't know what you had in mind then. Did you have something else?
Pawan Kalyan: Like all young boys I too dreamt of the impossible like wanting to be a global explorer. You never know annayya, how intimidated I was of your glamorous presence though at home none of us even spoke about films. But, I nurtured a secret awe-cum-admiration of you, which till date has not left me.
Chiranjeevi: Sounds flattering but then O God! Were you kids so scared of me? When did I behave like a schoolmaster? I was working three shifts a day then and I could hardly get to see you, living under one roof. Your sister-in-law gave me an assurance that everything at home was under control. Maybe I should have taken sometime to know your mind a little more (ruefully).
Pawan Kalyan: Don't sound so apologetic. I wasn't quite sure of what I really wanted to be. You know my love of books. I was at home in my room pouring over one book or the other and I was happy keeping to myself. I had conjured an aura around you in my mind then which to date I am unable to dispel and feel on an equal footing with you. Remember my first attempt at direction? Ironically the subject was on blood donation.
Chiranjeevi: Seems like I'm in for shocks today. I call these inhibitions, which ought to be shed. I appreciate your diligence at your work be it at direction or at acting, but definitely not at the cost of avoiding food. Why should you become so serious with an assignment on hand? You ought to enjoy while acting.
Pawan Kalyan: But that's me all over again. I don't feel I'm tiring myself out to ensure my brand of acting. I have to give my best with 100 per cent concentration. Since I owe even the decision of my career to you and my sister-in-law, I can't help feeling the way I do. I'm too happy to look up to you in every aspect of my life so how can I equate myself with you?
Chiranjeevi: Accepted. But look at the way I mingle with the public who come to watch a shoot. I want you also to vibe with anybody and everybody like that. Its only when you warm up to people, do you get a similar response which is a great feeling to savour.
Pawan Kalyan: It takes time for me to get familiar with crowds. I cannot be as spontaneous as you are with strangers. I bear the brunt of being dubbed `haughty'. But there is something within me, which refuses to allow me to wear my heart on my sleeve.
Chiranjeevi: Did I ever ask you to rate me as an actor? Your viewpoint?
Pawan Kalyan: (looking confused) Me rating you? No way. On the other hand, I want to know your frank opinion about my acting.
Chiranjeevi: You are a fine actor but I feel you should let go — especially in the dance sequences and stunts. Be like me here instead of taking this feeling of not looking like a replica of me a bit too far. Give the audience what they want — be it my way or otherwise. Trying to give them something they don't look forward to doesn't work.
Pawan Kalyan: I have come to realise that. But, I should not become a duplicate Chiranjeevi.
Chiranjeevi: (emphatically) I appreciate your tremendous individuality to project yourself as differently from me. But there is nothing wrong in rising to people's expectations. Therein lies success. Don't bother about what is not your jurisdiction. Leave it to the technicians, the director and others. You get immersed in the role, in the dance sequences, the fights. Try to enjoy what you are doing and you'd have given your best.
Pawan Kalyan: I guess every actor has to judge the audience pulse. I'm in the process of learning to do so thanks to you, annayya. You were always there for me, will always be. Shall we head to mother's place for our Sunday get-together?
Chiranjeevi: I'll call her up and she'll have a special dish for you, me and the others. No more talking shop, my kid brother (he hugs him).
Pawan Kalyan: (with a twinkle in his eye) Charan (Chiranjeevi's son) has to vie with me for your affection. That's where I am always, yours lovingly.

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