• Casting:
    Gopichand, Tapasee Pannu, Shraddha Das, Rajendra Prasad, Naresh, Roja Selvamani and Others
  • Running Time:
    2hr 30min
  • Music:
    Babu Shankar
  • Director:
    Krishna Vamshi
  • Producer:
    Nallamalapu Srinivas
  • Released date :
    November 04, 2011
    Banner:                                   Lakshmi Narasimha Productions
Gopichand is so effortless in his role, though it didn’t go well with his personality. His expressions and dialogue delivery has no variations and more similar to his earlier movies. The actor goes topless on a few occasions. He is impressive, over all. Taapsee is gorgeous and does justice to her character. At times, she puts up over-action, but that’s what Krishna Vamsi makes his actors do, occasionally though. She reveals the tattoo on her back in a bareback scene in the first-act. The bewitching beauty dubbed her lines once again afterMr. Perfect and you will habituate yourself to her voice as the film progresses.
Shraddha Das is found fabulous, after long time. In the conversation scene between the lead pair and Shraddha, the latter steals the show. She is quite expressive and her dialogue delivery deserves appreciation. Roja does the role of angry woman again and fitted in the role, while Naresh is decent enough. Rajendra Prasad does a great show, but a heavy dose of good sayings mar the act. Geethanjali too follows his footsteps and is passable. Ahuti Prasad’s the extension of his role in Sasirekha Parinayam and Chandamama. All the actors do over-action, for reasons best known to the director.
Cinematography is top-notch. Framing and lighting are par excellent. Babu Shankar’s music is a bit let down, but goes well the scenes. Background is pretty mediocre. Fights are exciting after interval. Story is run-of-the-mill kind. Screenplay has ups and downs, while narration is too slow. Dialogues are good in parts. Too many messages and proverbs play the spoilsport. Krishna Vamsi’s direction is not up to the mark.
Few good scenes in first-half
A couple of good proverbs
Shraddha Das’ scenes in first hour
Family emotions to some extent
Naresh & Rajendra Prasad
One fight after the interval was shot stylish
Too much of drama
Unrealistic approach
Second half
Too many slapping scenes
Routine story
Story gets paused 10 minutes after interval
Lengthy scenes
Tests your patience towards climax
Interval bang
Both the film-maker and the hero register another failure in their career. The first hour is a bit interesting because of the family drama, but in no time it turns into a catastrophe for the public. The particular scene on Shraddha Das towards the interval is the only realistic thing. Almost all the cast do over-action and deliver too many messages. Krishna Vamsi still sticks to his 15 years old formula where every member in family is jobless and has discussions all the while sitting prettily at home. The concept is a rottener and the people are intelligently saying ‘no’ if they dislike it.
The whole act has the actors slapping one another and the interval bang is frivolous. The movie gets frozen for 10 minutes post-interval. Two-piece bikini act by Shraddha in the second hour might add glamour quotient but the next few reels after interval bang show the heights of perversion. The story totally gets lost and bad treatment is a killjoy. There are unwanted scenes aplenty, to mar the expectations of the audiences. The flick totally misfired.
A big downer for Krishna Vamsi it is, Mogudu has too much of drama, lags and silly content. Pathetic treatment, over-action by actors, staggering graph and second-half are deterrents. And at a point, one doesn’t understand what’s happening on screen. To our dismay, there are about 100 slaps in the flick. The bad run thus continues for Gopichand and Krishna Vamsi. The director only delivers us yet another Varudu,though Glamour quotient makes the film OK!



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