Cast-Ajay,Haveesh,Prasad,Ramya,Yami Sarayu
Producer-Ramoji Rao 
Music Director-Sekhar Chandra
Story :

Anand(Ajay) after completion of his intermediate for a change joins in Pizza Corner for part time work,Mahesh(Haveesh) who aspires to be a model will not get support from his parents he too joins in the Pizza corner,Raju(Prasad)a violin player who is in trials to work in top music director’s troop joins in that pizza corner.These three will meet Archana(Yami),Rani(Ramya),Madhavi(Sarayu).All the three girls will have different aims.All the six people how they achieved their aims? What are the emotional situations occurred? is the rest of the story.
Artist Performance: 6  new comers for a fresh story like this was apt for Nuvila,but they failed in many scenes but due to griping screenplay and comic touches their performance was seen better.Archana was  a look alike of Sonali Chohan and she was good while the other two girls Ramya  and Saryu stand Ok.while Havish was too bright and Ajay looks like a geek and always seems disappointed and Prasad as wannbe Violin player was brilliant as he was given a good comic character.Comedian turned hero Sunil has lent his voice for this movie. He gave his voice for introduction scene and establishment of characters. Keeravani, Koti, Chakri, RP Patnayak, Kalyani malik were seen in cameo appearance in this film.
Analysis: Ravi Babu  is back with yet another entertaining,Rib tickling flick,Starting with some eyebrows raising scenes the movie starts with good entertaining scenes and continues the pitch till interval from  where it gets too dramatic and as well it  never makes the audience feel bored,Music by Shekar Chandra keeps you in mood and the Lyrics by Baskar Bhatla are quite good and connect to each and every scene in the movie and the movie does has many scenes Similar to Ravi Babu's previous movies Allari,Nachavle,Mansara and so. One thing is clear the main Hero with parents in Ravi Babu film always does has a Sibling :D,Well the other way its a complete Laugh Riot movie and settles little less than a must watch!
Rating:3.25/5  A thumb up 



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