Release Date : 25/11/2011         CBFC rating : U/A
Banner : S.V.K.Cinema
Cast : Nara Rohith, Nisha Agarwal, Prakash Raj, Ali, Jayasudha, Pavitra Lokesh, Shayaji Shinde, Rao Ramesh, M.S.Narayana
Music : Mani Sharma
Director of Photography : Dasarathi Shivendra
Editing : Marthand K.venkatesh
Fights : Ram - Laxman 
Art : Raghu Kulakarni
Produced by : Vamsi Krishna Srinivas
Story,dialouges,screenplayand directed by : Parasuram

Story line : 
Gautham (Nara Rohith) who has been brought up as an Orpahn and he want's to marry a girl who has been from a big family so that after marraige he could have a family.He falls in love with Vaishnavi (Nisha agarwal)who has been from a big family.PrakashRaj (Vaishnavi's father) also wanted to marry his daugter to a big family so that she will be happy after marriage . So he naturally Reject's their love.So the rest of the story was how Gautham marries Vaishnavi by winning their heart's.

Story : 
The Story is about Gautham (Nara Rohith) who was a Orphan and he want's to marry a Girl who Hail's from a joint family.One day Accidently Gautham & Vaishnavi both meet each other.Vaishnavi was from a joint family Residing in Bobbili and she was doing her Mediciene in Visakhapatnam.In course of time they both fall in love with each other,but Vaishnavi's say that his father doesn't like love marriage's and she loves his father very much and she cannot do the thing's which her father doesn't like,but Gautham doesn't give up his love toward's her and he gets succeed in his love.In the course of the film Prakash Raj comes to know about their love and he takes his daughter back home and he tells Gautham that they were Major's and could marry each other but after marriage he could take Vaishnaviwith him but his family cannot come with them,So he refuses his love as he wanted to be a part of a joint family and he give up his love
       Mean while, Prakash Raj wanted to fix his daughter's marriage with Shiyaji Shinde's Son. Shiyaji Shinde comes to know abuot the love matter of Gautham & Vishnavi's and he asks Prakash Raj to make his daughter's marriage in presence of Gautham as in future he never trouble's Vaishnavi .The story now takes another twist by Gautham coming to the marraige.So from here how did Gautham convience Prakash Raj and marry Vaishnavi is the entire story

Performance's : 
Nara Rohith was good with his performance in the film but he has to improve his expression's . Nisha Agarwal has justified her character through the entire fim espcially in the climax . Prakash Raj stand's tall for the film once again for the entire film .Shiyaji Shinde was also good with his character . Ali and M.S.Narayana has also provided some comedy .

Positives : 
  • Nara Rohith ,Prakash Raj ,Nisha Agarwal 
  • Music
  • Screenplay and Dialouges 
Minus :
  • Comedy 
  • Slow story narration in 2nd half 
  • predictable story at the end 
Final verdict : 
Solo has been a decent film over all with a good entertainer,it has a good message which will be attracting the families espacially .Film could have been better if the director had taken care of the emotional scenes.Finally Solo was a feel good movie overall 

Our rating : 2.75/5

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