Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has been conferred the Maharashtrian of the Year award by Marathi newspaper Lokmat.

"And today another Award for me - the Maharashtrian of the Year, a Maanbindu, from no less a person than the President of the Country, the respected and honorable Shrimati Pratibha Patil. So grateful and humbled. The award given by the very popular Marathi paper 'Lokmat'," Amitabh wrote on

Veteran actor Dilip Kumar was also honoured for his contribution to the Indian cinema.

"Dilip Saheb, Dilip Kumar gets one too for his life achievements, and there are many other prominent Maharashtrian achievers in the field of Science, Literature, Social Service, Art, Politics that get rewarded," he added.

The 69-year-old credits the city of Mumbai for giving him name and recognition. "I have spent 3/4ths of my life in this city - 42 years! And all that I have received in life apart from my parents and my education have come to me from this golden land," he wrote.

"Name, fame, honour, recognition, home and family, children and children of children, everything indebted to the city and state for making me whatever I am today! My obeisance to this great city and its people, for giving me all that I have with me today," he posted. (IANS)
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