Frankly speaking, I never thought I would be getting a chance to write all the songs of Business Man.I generally travel with Jagan garu during the pre-production. Simultaneously while he will be working on his scenes, we both sit together and chalk out a tune and the rough content for the songs. Similarly, I went to Mumbai along with Jagan garu when the initial music sittings have started for Business Man. Then, in last August, we have gone to Bangkok for next sittings. The First song what we started working for was theItem Song. During our discussions we thought the song should have some Revolutionary content. There was no tune or anything by that time and just gave him the rough concept how it would be like. I prepared around 20-25 points on this concept and showed him the next day. It started off like this and then I met him during the shooting at Mumbai. Jagan garu used to be busy with the shooting during the day time so we used to sit together at nights and discuss. Like this I have given the lyrics for the 2nd song and the 3rd song.The lyrics were finalized, Thaman has set the tunes for these three songs and I thought I am done with my job. That day after I went back to my hotel, I kept a message to Jagan garu asking him to give me a chance to write the lyrics for the rest of the songs too.I didn’t know whether I did a correct thing by sending him that message. After sending the message I was a little tensed, and didn’t know how he would react. But to my surprise Jagan garu immediately replied me that he has decided this long back that I would be doing a single card for this movie and asked me not to worry.The next 5 minutes were the happiest moments of my life. Although I wanted to write all the songs for this movie, I was not sure I had any chance. You never know Jagan garu might have some other ideas but ultimately I got the chance to make it a single card for such a prestigious movie.
#The Travel:
After staying for 13 days in Mumbai and completing the composition of the 3 songs, I have travelled along with the crew to Goa where the next schedule was shot. I have travelled more than writing for this movie, this is the most I have travelled for any movie in my career. I was literally travelling with the crew where ever they were going. From Goa I went to Chennai for some voice mixing. I have also gone to RFC to meet Jagan garu and Mahesh during the last schedule. There it was decided that we are going to have one more song apart from the 5 which I have already written so far and that is going to be the Theme Song for Business Man. With this I have penned lyrics for all the 6 songs for this movie.I definitely take this as a privilege for getting an opportunity for giving a single card for a Superstar Mahesh’s movie and that too after the humungous success of Dookudu. I have turned down a lot of offers in the past 2-3 months when I was working for Business Man.I took this movie as a challenge and worked for it. I felt very happy when Jagan and Mahesh asked me about this.

1. Sri Ramudu laanti gunavanthudu.. soumyudu.. was the first song I have given for this movie. As I told you guys earlier this is an Item song aimed at today’s youth.It reflects the mindset of the present generation girls, like what kind of a husband they want and how they want their man to be. This generation girls really prefer a guywith the qualities of Sri Krishna than that of Sri Rama, that’s what this song is all about. I liked the concept of this song which carries the voice of the fast-gen girls. As I said it has some revolutionary touch to it which might not go well with chaandhasavadhulu, but the song reflects the society around you today. I am very much sure that this song will click with the youth and especially girls will love this song. Generally girls don’t prefer humming Item songs, but if you notice Ippatikina Naa Vayasu from Pokiri is a bigger hit with girls and even today you find a lot of them sing and dance to it. That happened because there was no vulgarity in that song and neither does this. I am sure that this song will get the same kind of response after it is released.
2. Pilla Chaavu.. This is a teasing song with a novel concept. Mahesh starts this song with the words “ Pilla Chaaavu..” when Kajal ignores and keeps him away at a particular point in the movie.The lyrics in this song are mainly to express the feelings of the hero. This song was shot in Goa.There are very nice expressions which I personally enjoyed while writing this song. The pallavi of this song starts like..
Nee andham railengine tho..naa manasunu thokkinchavu… Dhuppatlodhomai dhoori..naa nidhara chedagottav… I love antunte..chi kotti pothav… Oo pilla chaavu . pilla chaavu..pilla chaavu.. Tere liye pichekkipooye..nannitta vadhili poothava… Manchodney kadha ani nenu nachaledha… Oo pilla chaavu .. pilla chaavu..pilla chaavu.. mere liye oo soopu soodey..entantha koopam naamedha..
and the charanam goes..
Choopulney eraga vesi..chapalley pattesav.. Oorinchey vayyaram tho..udumalley chuttesav.. Navvey navvi..whiskey laa ekkesav.. Mancham vesi..dharjaga bhojunnav.. Naakuda theliyakunda..naa mansey kottesav.. Kabatti pilla entho mudhochav..
3. Mumbai.. This is like a Mumbai theme song with an emotional touch in the movie. It comes when the hero stands for the people of a small colony in Dharavi and saves them from a trouble. It starts with Marathi and Hindi lyrics like “Amch Mumbai apna..” and the charanam has Telugu lyrics. Although the song is meant to reflectthe situation in Mumbai, if you remove the Mumbai word in the song it has a very neutral appeal and gives a kind of positive energy for everybody.That is what I aimed at while writing this song, to get that neutral feel. So I penned lyrics like
Rommeveristhey.. jeena hey.. thookey mudisthey..marnaa hey.. mumbaai… anni thegisthey..achaa hey.. kuncham jadisthey..kacha hey.. mumbaai…. evaditho..evadiki..padadhu leraa..eppuduuuu.. nilabadi..chal kalabadi..nuvu elukoo..ippuduuuu… bhayapaduthu..venakadugey vesthey..brathukey khel katham…
4. Saar Vasthara.. The tune for this song was finalized on the last day of shooting in Goa. This song has a romantic touch which suits Mahesh’s image in the youth. Thaman has given a wonderful tune and I had more pressure to pen equally good lyrics for the tune. I worked on 2-3 versions and showed them to Jagan and he likedthem immediately. Then I asked him whether we had some more time for which he said we had a couple of days more. I requested him to give me another day’s timeand then came up with this “Saar Vasthara..” concept. A girl friend inviting his boy friend saying “Saar Vasthara..” has a little naughty and romantic touch to it. I am very happy that the song came out very well and this is my favorite song in the album.
5. Chandhamama.. is the next song I wrote for the movie and this was also done in Goa. Chandhamama..Navve Chandhamaama.. Satyabhaama..nuvvuntey chaalu lemma.. The reason I used the name Satyabhama is to show the anger of the heroine in the song. This song is a very nice melody and has a love feel to it. It depicts thesincere love of a boy. This song has beautiful lines like Kannullo dhaachaney..kaneerai jaaripookey… I like the cute expressions I wrote in this song.
6. Theme song.. This song was decided after we came back to Hyderabad. Jagan garu told me I need to write the 6th song which is going to be the Theme song andsung by Mahesh. Mahesh says a few prominent dialogues from the movie in this song. This will be a background song in the movie. This song carries an emotionwith the lines like Thalabadithey vadhalanu roy.. Marigithey kutha kutha..thegabadi narukutha.. This song comes at a very emotional scene in the movie. Mahesh has said excellent dialogues in between to elevate the emotion to much higher levels. One such is Gurthupettuko..neekantey thoopu evadu ledu ikkada…neeku edhi anipisthey adhi cheyyi..evvadi maata vinaku..manishi maata asalu vinaku.. And the song ends on a high note with Bhaag Saaale.. it’s a new kind of style we have tried in Businessman.
#My Experience For Businessman:
Businessman has brought me very close to Thaman. Although I worked with him earlier, this movie was very special. We worked very closely for Businessman. I used to write the lyrics and send him and he used to set a tune for it. I worked with him right from discussion stages till he finalized the tunes. During Dookudu, Sreenu Vytla has asked me to go and personally supervise the recording of Dethadisong as he did not want to miss my slang and punch in the final output. Now I did this for all the six songs for Businessman. Puri Jagannadh is the man who made me a star writer. He is the main person behind what I am today. He convinced the big stars and they believed in Puri’s belief on me. I have started my journey along with Puri garu way back from Itlu Sravani Subrahmanyam and continuing it successfully till date. I don’t even remember how many movies I worked for him exactly. When you work for big heroes and especially with the one likeMahesh with that huge fan following and Superstar image, yes you get a little nervous. But Jagan knows how to get the best out me and takes utmost care in getting the required output. He is so good at describing the characters and relates you to the character so closely that you will forget those pressures of writing for big stars and everything and write just for the character he has designed. Mahesh has given a dinner party for all the unit members on the last day of the shoot and I was invited for that. This is the first time any star hero has invited me for a party and it will remain as an unforgettable day for me in my life. That is what makes Mahesh very specialfrom all the other persons in the industry. Mahesh is a person who respects everybody equally and if you have such an attitude then success automatically follows you. You can see that too. Businessman has some extraordinary dialogues. As I have tweeted few months ago, if they launch a dialogue version book for Businessman I will befirst person to buy that. Just imagine, being a writer myself I am so excited about the dialogues. I am sure people will love those once the movie is released. As Jagan told me the other day, these dialogues will definitely disturb the audience and make them think for some time. Mahesh has really elevated the power of those dialogues with his intensity. I have seen the 3rd trailer yesterday, it might be released on 22nd, and whenever it might be released you will see how people will love that trailer.Thaman has given a terrifc re-recording for the movie, I loved all the songs on screen, especially Saar Vasthara.. Pilla Chaav.. Chandhamama.. these three songs will be a visual feast once the movie is relased. Chandhamama is such a romantic song and for Mahesh this is the first time he is doing this kind of a song. Each song is designed in a scheme, Dinesh Master (Dhethadi fame) has composed for all the songs and he did a marvelous job. I have watched the movie very closely, Credit should be given to Mahesh for giving the dates at a stretch and to Puri for concentrating so much and completing the whole movie in just 74 days. Out of 74 days Mahesh worked for 65 days. Regarding the movie I can say only one thing, many movies become hits and many disappoint but there very few movies which have created Historyin Tollywood, Businessman will definitely be one among those. After watching the trailers and dialogues from the movie I had to confess to Jagan garu that I didn’t know I was working for such a huge film.
#I personally like Maheshbabu a lot. He does his work and let it do the talking. In the present generation heroes he is the only one who can convey very big expression with a minimum of dialogues. There are lot of heroes who can say lengthy dialogues but this art is more difficult than doing that. If you watch Athadu, acting with your eyes and carrying the emotion is not an ordinary thing at all. I love Athadu and Pokiri so much that I don’t even remember how many times I have watched those movies. Mahesh is a unique hero with a terrific energy and it is always a privilege for anybody to work with him. If you add Puri’s energy to Mahesh's intensity you have seen what has happened earlier and will see that again soon.

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