Story:Well here in Don 2 it has a thin storyline of Don being the emeror of asia targets Europe this time and soon after his stylish introduction,he surrenders to Interpoll where Priyanaka Chopra and Om Puri take care of him,There in jail he meets his enemy Boman Irani and there is a plan to get out of the jail and Don says he comes to jail only to escape him and in return he makes a deal which include a roberry and the rest of the plan is all about excuting the plan which involves Kunal kapoor as the hacker and most of twists following were predectible towaards the end.

You still remember Bazigar and Darr and here is once again Shahrukh is on the zenith of acting with an arrogant, agile, wicked and wild dare-devil who has the most bizarre schemes up his sleeve Shahrukh proof himself the best and though his stylish look pleased the audience,the real lift was the witty one liners he uses ,of course you must have heard all then in teasrs of Don says.
His tatoo of D was nice and so was his attitude and his cool angry man look steals the show.
Boman Irani plays cleverly with his expressions and witty lines and long with the undeniable presence of the King form the best part of the film. Priyanka Chopra looks pretty and does an average job. The rest of the cast just hops along the main one and puts up an above average effort.
Priyanka Chopra Gorgeous and Lara Dutta wasted and Kunal Kapoor good.

The first half builds the movie up and at times you'd feel lacks the pace an action movie would want but the intelligent direction, having just the one song in the movie and the absolutely delightful work by Javed Akhtar on the dialogues tickle your funny bones time in and time out.

The Second half is where you feel that the movie can be compared to Hollywood. The cinematography by Jason West is superb that along with a gritty screenplay glues you to your seats.

With all it's twists and turns, Don 2 marks a decent end to the year for Bollywood. The movie's strengths are action, plot twists and it's faced paced storyline which always keeps you at the edge of your seat.

Yes Don 2, does borrow from some Hollywood flicks like Mission Impossible, but it's neatly made and the plot fits in like a jigsaw puzzle at the end of the movie.
The only negatives were the touch of grey given to Don's character and the love story angle towards the end. A completely cold hearted Don, who's way beyond meaningless things such as love would have been more appreciated. The character could have been made much darker, which would have appealed more to the audience, but then again it's a Hindi flick, so such things are expected.
There are a few holes in the plot, but after all it's a Bollywood flick and no one expects it to be perfect.

Rating 3/5

1 for SRK
2 for Farhan
3 for cinematography by Jason West


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