The audio launch of Pawan Kalyan Panjaa which took place at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium on Nov 19th is a one of it's kind event. Although the makers has done elaborate arrangements to accomodate as many fans as they can into the stadium, that helped only for some extent. A packed house filled with fans of Pawan Kalyan in the stadium was witnessed, much before the event got started. On the other hand, the same number of people or even more were waiting ouside the venue which had resulted a huge traffic jam. Even, Allu Arjun couldn't get into the stadium. That particular day was a nightmare for the bouncers, who were unable to control the extremely excited crowd at the venue. Remember, Pawan Kalyan is the only star present at the audio launch of Panjaa. In fact, he is the only star in the film. None of them could forget the roar of fans when Pawan entered the venue - A Truly Magical Experience. All these eventually show how big a star Pawan Kalyan is!!!

On the other hand, the audio launch of Mahesh Babu's Businessman is being held Today at Shilpakala Vedika, Hyderabad. Businessman is one of craziest projects of the year with superstar Mahesh Babu and top league heroine Kajal Agarwal in the lead. Star director Puri Jagannath is the director of the and Music Sensation Thaman composing the songs and background score. Even though Businessman has everything to call it a star studded project, it couldn't match Panjaa. According to the reports, there's not as much of a frenzied crowd outside the venue.

Gone are the days, estimating the popularity of a hero by looking at the excited crowd inside the venue. The numbers outside the venue is the latest trend. And Pawan Kalyan is far away from anyone's reach. With just one hit in the past decade, Pawan Kalyan is making his contemporary heroes stand on their toes. What would be the situation, if he delivers back-to-back hits. Can anyone imagine? 
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